Let's Lose Weight with QUEENZ Mango XSliimx

by - May 10, 2021

Hi loves, have you gained weight staying home during this pandemic? I've gained a lot of weight in 2020, the stress from the pandemic and juggling my home and work, time was limited and I stopped working out slowly I started to lose my focus, feeling tired, and at my worst, my weight hiked up to 60kg, that was the wake-up call for me, I needed something to help me lose weight!

Let me introduce you to Mango XSliim by QUEENZ which's available in Malaysia & Singapore! 

The QUEENZ brand is a homegrown brand in Malaysia that was established in March 2020, with the aim to help more people solve the problem of obesity. They hope to help more people find a healthy lifestyle even when you have no time to exercise. 


What is QUEENZ Mango XSliim?

QUEENZ Mango XSliim is a Botanical Beverage Mix Mango Powder with Garcinia Cambogia & Aloe Vera Extract, it's made will all natural ingredients that is safe to be consumed by everyone, even breastfeeding mothers or overweight children who need to lose weight can consume with confidence. Besides that, this product has international SGS laboratory test reports, approved by Singapore's HSA lab test center and all of which are developed using imported all-natural raw materials. 

Benefits of QUEENZ Mango XSliim?

Mango XSliim can effectively help you slim down by breaking down your body fat effectively, it also suppresses your appetite so you can reduce calorie intake comfortably. Don’t worry this one doesn’t raise your heartbeat or giving you the dry mouth effect.

In addition to the slimming effects, Mango XSliim also has detoxification and conditioning effects. The “three highs”, which refer to the trio of chronic metabolic conditions – high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol can also be improved and lastly, Mango XSliim can also help detoxify the liver, prevent arteriosclerosis, anti-free radicals, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, and achieve the effect of beautifying skin.

What’s inside QUEENZ Mango XSliimx?

Mango XSliim Slimming Juice contains a variety of ingredients, the main function is to break down and dissolve our body fat, enhance the body's metabolism, so that we can achieve the effect of weight loss without exercising. 

Mango Extract

Contains "Leptin", "Leptin" is a protein hormone newly discovered in white adipose tissue. It is used to regulate fat storage and speed up the metabolism of organisms, Suppress appetite and control weight. Reduce appetite and promote the use of fat Thanks, achieve the effect of weight loss and appetite control.


Konjac is rich in soluble plant fiber that promotes gastrointestinal peristalsis and reduce harmful substances being retained in the gastrointestinal and gallbladder, it effectively protects the gastric mucosa, cleans the stomach wall.

Corn Fiber

Soluble corn fiber can regulate the intestines, and lower blood sugar. When water and bile combine it increases the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, and makes the large intestine move to  promote excretion. 

Peach extract

Rich in fiber, pectin, and other ingredients are good for food to promote intestinal digestion, strengthen intestinal peristalsis Movement and waste discharge.

Garcinia Cambogia

Suppress appetite, accelerate fat burning, prevent fat production, especially belly fat.


Produced from natural fruits and grains, It has good taste, high sweetness, and low glycemic index. It is a healthy sugar that is not easy to cause high blood sugar and is not easy to produce fat accumulation and gain weight.


Effectively suppress appetite to reduce food intake, Achieve slimming effect.


Promote lipolysis and convert fat into energy, therefore Speed ​​up fat consumption and break down accumulated fat. in case You consume 10g of fat when you do a certain exercise. After carnitine, do the same exercise for the same length and intensity Will consume 15g of fat, increase exercise weight loss efficiency and speed.

Vitamin C

Effectively help anti-oxidation, anti-free radicals, long-term It can also bring whitening effect.

Tea extract

Effectively stimulate fat oxidation and improve metabolism, It is particularly effective to eliminate fat on the waist.

Aloe extract

The function of detoxification and weight loss, on the one hand, can excrete the liver Toxic, on the other hand, can lower blood sugar and improve the stomach Discharge the waste accumulated in the body and reduce weight.

How to consume QUEENZ Mango XSliim?

Take 1 sachet every morning with an empty stomach, mix it with room temperature water and shake well. Please avoid using hot water as it may destroy the ingredients, the best way is using warm water. 

How does it taste?

I love the refreshing taste of Mango XSliim, as the name suggests, it has a really strong mango flavor which makes me feel like I'm having mango juice every morning.

My Verdict?

I’ve tested the product for two weeks and my pants got looser and I feel lighter than before which is why I am really satisfied with the product and I’ll highly recommend it to anyone who aims to lose some weight!

Just take a look at before & after comparison! I was impressed with the results, as you can see my waist line has really shrunk and I lost a little bit of my belly fat too. I guess at the end of the day, a little bit of toning exercise would work well for me too but nevertheless, I can really count on QUEENZ Mango XSliim to help me burn my stubborn fats.

How much is QUEENZ Mango XSliim & Where to purchase? 

Each box of QUEENZ Mango XSliim consist of 15scahets retailed at RM166 for 15 days, or you could save more by signing up for their 60 days package for RM599 (4 boxes) or 90 days package for RM804 (6 boxes)

For more details check out 

Official Website: https://queenz.asia/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Queenz.Malaysia/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/queenz.malaysia

Youtube: https://bit.ly/queenzmalaysia

Queenz Malaysia

Unit No. C-23A-26, Kompleks Rimbun Scott Garden, No. 289, Jalan Klang Lama, 58100 Kuala Lumpur.

Phone: +6011-1860 7110

Email: support@queenz.asia

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