Achieve Healthy Looking Hair with Hellobabes Hair Tonic & Hair Vitamin

by - June 19, 2022

If you notice that you're losing more hair than usual or experiencing hair thinning, don't give up just yet because I've had a traumatic experience with losing my hair after having my kids all we need to do is to start looking after our hair, there's no shortcut to magically change the volume and of our hair but there are ways to help improve your hair quality. 

I've added these 2 products to my daily hair care routine for 2 weeks and I could see slight improvements, Hellobabes Hair Tonic & Hair Vitamin helps me achieve the healthy-looking hair that I've always wanted. 

Hellobabes Hair Tonic is enriched with omega 6, vitamin B5, and keratin, to promote hair growth with just 2-3 sprays directly on your scalp. Best of all, this serum strengthens the hair without weighing it down or leaving a greasy residue.

Hellobabes Hair Vitamins comes in a box of 14 sachets - 2 weeks supply, it's formulated with Biotin, Amla Extract, Zinc, Acid Folic, Berries (blueberry, strawberry, goji berries, mulberry), and a variety of vitamins to restore the health of your hair, reduce hair loss, makes hair shiny and improves scalp texture by keeping it moist & reduce dryness. I love convenient beauty products and this is just the one, consuming is really easy just tear and pour directly into your mouth. 

I’ve been using Hellobabes Hair Tonic & Hellobabes Hair Vitamin for a month now and have noticed major effects, as I'm one of those girls who dyes my hair every other month and I def won't leave home without setting my hair with a curling iron or a straighter which makes my hair a dry and frizzy but after adding these duo to my daily routine, I've noticed a lot of new hairs are growing and my hair feels healthier & denser. Besides that, Hellobabes Hair Tonic smells really good and makes my hair smooth and I like that it's not greasy and heavy on my hair. 

If you're looking to pamper your hair, add Hellobabes Hair Tonic & Hair Vitamin to your lineup you'll thank me afterward! Hellobabes products are available online, head to their official website the Hair Tonic is RM39, Hair Vitamin is RM79. 

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