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by - November 21, 2018

The most beautiful moments always seemed to accelerate and slip beyond one’s grasp just when you want to hold onto them for as long as possible. Miya is turning two this weekend! I would have never expected myself to be lucky enough to find Mr Right and have a child and going through the process of bring up a child by ourselves, the journey was wonderful and it meant so much to be when we did everything by ourselves, it was not easy but it was a journey we had to take and I am blessed to have such amazing people around me who helped us and eased our journey, thank you :)

Miya has brought so much love and laughter into our life, Ricky and I are so much closer and stronger now because of this little girl. I have changed into a better person, I am more patient, responsible, reliable, happier, positive and more importantly I learned that happiness is everywhere, it's just a matter of how you see things. Children have the beautiful ability to find joy all around them.

"Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do but how much love we put in that action.” - Mother Teresa

Anyway here are some of the epic moments I have collected for a few months by Miya and I would not want to forget any of them. 

#1 Miya is angry with mummy, she uses her cat wand ( I got it from cotton on) and waves it at me asking me to turn into a cat 😂 wtf so I asked her if mummy becomes a cat what will you be? She says she'll turn into shit

Miya: 变猫 Turn into a cat
M: 那你变什么? Then what will you be?
Miya: 变大便,臭臭大便 Shit, smelly shit 😂

#2 I was away on a holiday so Miya bunked over at nanny's during my trip, she woke nanny's husband up in the middle of the night, and requested for them to bring her out now.

Miya: 起来了! 带我去IOI走走! Wake up! It's time to head over to IOI!
Nanny & Family: ..................................................

#3  Miya is old enough to choose what she likes now, as I was strolling in Uniqlo she saw Thomas & Friend's t-shirt and she wanted them but that design was for boys so I took her to the girl's department and told her that another design was nice and this was her reply :/

M: 猫猫也是很美 Maomao = Mickey Mouse is also very pretty right?
Miya: 妈咪自己穿 Mummy can have that!

#4 Daddy got Miya a toy phone today and she's been so attached to it, she brought it to sleep. After her last milk feed, we turned off the lights and wish her good night. She started talking to the phone :/

Miya: Miya不要睡觉。Miya doesn't want to sleep
M: 那你要什么?What do you want?
Miya: 开灯,开灯!Turn on the lights

#5 When I was pregnant, Ricky told me that perhaps our child might be just like Stewie #wishcometrue Miya is a naggy child, she nags and nags.

Miya: Mummy
M: *ignores*
Miya Mummy, mummy, mummy!!
M: *ignores*
D: Laughing his ass off
Miya: *silence*

Miya: 爸爸喝tiger!
Bring her dad a can of tiger beer :/

#7 Points at her dad's mustache and tells him he's dirty LOL
Miya: 胡子 Mustache
NO!是肮脏!No! It's dirty

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