Rhythm Fiesta at Gamuda Gardens 2018 Review

by - November 25, 2018

Rhythm Fiesta at Gamuda Gardens is taking place from 2pm to 10pm this weekend and here's my review of this amazing event that teaches us sustainable eco-living, art performances, and good food! Admission is free and it's fun for all ages! 


There's really limited PARKING near the entrance of Rhythm Fiesta so please park at carpark B, there's a shuttle bus that'll drive you over, otherwise, it's just a 5 minutes walk to the fiesta. 


Honestly, don't stress about what to wear cause it's Malaysia and the weather is friggin hot, I decided to keep things light with shorts, a crop top and a comfortable pair of sneakers! 


 Rhythm Fiesta has it all covered, make giant bubble near the waterfall in Gamuda Gardens, sand art is available at the canopy or you can take a ride and cycle around the Gamuda Gardens and there are unlimited ice cream and cotton candy


Ok, if you don't know already, I love to eat and this was my favorite part and here were my favorites, all of them are 10/10 must-try! 

Apple Chip RM10 was just too good I have forgotten to take a picture of it but here's the guy who lured me with it, after trying the testers I was hooked. They also make really good Banana Cheese RM10 as well so this is definitely a place worth stopping by. 

Tauhu Begedil 3 for RM10 and a free bottle of water will be given with every purchase

Tako Balls RM5 


If you love to shop for fun, creative and eye-catching Art & Crafts, this is the place to be. *Hint hint* Christmas around the corner, this will be a nice place to source for gifts. 


Got a chance to change the dance along session by Souls Impact Percussion and a few other performances by the local artist.


Absolutely, I really enjoyed myself there and thanks to my partner in crime for coming along with me, the concept was great, I really enjoyed learning about eco-living at one of the campsites, I love the food vendors there, price wise is pretty reasonable, not your pasar malam price but you get what you paid for and the music performance was great. 

Just a tip: best time to go is arond 5-6ish, it wouldn't be so hot by then, I went at 4pm and I felt like melting the entire time but other than that I had a great time, good food, good company, what's more to complain? and don't forget to bring CASH cause most of them only accept CASH but I've seen a few stores that take TnG Pay and Fave Pay. 

It's gonna be 4pm soon, there's time to drop by Rhythm Fiesta, so don't wait, pack your bags and off you go!!!

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