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by - November 06, 2018

If you love online shopping like I do you will love Buyandship! I've fallen in love with this service and I'm so happy to recieve my first parcel from Walmart! It's pretty hard for us to receive shipments from US because it's at the other part of the world but they have so many products available and it could be cheaper if we are able to get it directly and I am aiming for international sales like the amazing Black Friday Sale, 11.11 Single Day Sale and many more!  

What is BuyandShip? 

BuyandShip is a forwarding service that allows you to shop for anything from everywhere in the world. Just ship the products to the warehouse address given to you and it will be boxed up and delivered to your doorstep.

How many countries can be bought from?

Currently, BuyandShip allows us to shop from 6 countries - US, UK, Japan, Korea, China and Hong Kong.

How does it work?

#1 Sign up HERE

#2 Shop at any website you want by using BuyandShip warehouse addresses from 6 countries

#3 Receive your tracking number and declare it

#4 Items will be sent to the distribution center in Hong Kong and consolidated into one box, weight and delivery fee will be calculated

#5 Make payment and your parcel will arrive within 3 to 4 days 

How much does it cost?

BuyandShip only charges RM15 per pound and I really appreciate how they don't have any extra charges because I've tried a few shipping agents that has a list of hidden charges which is not cool.

My experience?

My experience with BuyandShip was amazing, it super easy to use and I can't believe I could receive products from US within a week without paying a bomb for shipping! Another good thing is you're able to get things from multiple stores, and they'll combine it all in one package. 

I would definitely recommend BuyandShip if your buying things overseas. Just create an account here and start shopping 

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