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by - November 25, 2018

One of the colors that makes more success in the winter and that is present in all the seasons of this season, without exception same, is the military green, enters winter and leaves winter this is even one of the colors more used in autumn winter world outside. ZAFUL has one of the most complete stocks of parts in this color, I confess to being in love with several of these pieces.

Bad cheats if you think that this is a color that falls well only during the winter, in summer or spring it also make up beautiful looks and full of charm. Look:

This set with details in lace and frills is a charm only, for those who are fans of a simple cropped, but beautiful this second is a great request, look what a beautiful thing. The delicacy present in this poá blouse is non-existent, so delicate and charming, super feminine.

The ease of riding looks with pieces of this color is unique, being a neutral tone it goes well with all skin types and combines with several other shades, for more serious looks or winter, choose to combine with parts of colder tones , more discreet, so leave the production with a face more winter, and for the summer contrast with brighter, more lively colors. Like yellow, red, for example. Really really beautiful. See more pieces like these in the store.

Here's another tip, know those rainy or snowy days, that we need to protect ourselves even more so we want to be stylish, enjoy and guarantee a beautiful Windbreaker jacket at ZAFUL. Make sure you are protected and at the same time beautiful and charming! I hope you enjoyed the tip, soon there's more.

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