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by - November 08, 2018

As Miya grew older, I got a little bit worried that she doesn't catch up with English because her mother tongue is Mandarin. I found out about KLC Language Center in Puchong through their Facebook Page and they had an open day last weekend and I took the opportunity to explore and learn more about it because as a parent I believe that, reading and writing skills are an important tool for our children because it allows our children to get the most from the education, poor language skills will actually affect our children throughout their school years later on. 

KLC Language Center was founded in year 2014, as a premium English Language Center to cater for children aged 3 to 14 years old. Currently, they are running 13 centers in Johor Bharu and recently they just opened their second branch in Klang Valley at Bandar Puteri Puchong.

What differentiate KLC Language Center from normal tuition center is they use a different method and approach when it comes to teaching their students, the unique system is specially designed for Asian children whose mother tongue is not English and they do not use the conventional memory-based approached anymore. They also understand different children progress differently which is why each course is taught according to the student's progress, not the teacher's progress. 

Class size is kept at a maximum of four students and each lesson takes 45 minutes, the ratio allows every child opportunity for interaction and learning. Teachers can also provide more guidance, with this small class size.

For optimal results, we are advised to send them over at least 3 times a week, unlike tuition centers that cancel their class if they do not have the number of students, the classes at KLC Language Center goes on regardless the number of students that will be attending. 

Classroom and environment

What are the programme available in KLC Language Center?

There are two programmes available 

Master Key Programme

Master Key Programme is a fun and interesting programme to teach children how to read an spell. With the multi-sensory method, parents can see their child's achievement in a short period of time. The programme usually takes 7 to 8 months to complete but then again it's entirely up to how fast your child can absorb.

#2 Treasure Box Programme

This is a six-level English programme that is designed to help your child master English with
 the four language skills; Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. The purpose of each level is to enable students to speak and write in English in their daily lives which makes this programme perfect for primary and lower-secondary school students. 

KLC Language Center also uses a cloud base management to offer a better approach for both their students and parents. 

Parents can enter the portal to make arrangements for classes and check on their children's progress. 

Students use this to key in their attendance each time they attend classes. 

Here is Miya at her assessment class before I signed her up for the programme. The teachers' feedback is she understands but she is still very shy and has not really warmed up yet. We are coming back again next week for our first lesson.

Nevertheless, parents play an important role, we should cultivate reading as a habit and encourage them to do it at least 30 minutes a day. I'm excited to see what happens after a month and I'll be updating her progress here so stay tuned 😊 

If your child or teenager requires quality English language tuition, KLC Language Center may have a solution for you. Make an appointment with them and get a free assessment worth RM99, if you'll like to try out their classes, trial class are available for RM150 for 3 lessons. 

KLC Language Centre Puchong
No 3, Jalan Puteri 4/8, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
Contact 016 213 0283

Operating Hours
Wednesday till Friday 130pm till 10pm
Saturday 9am till 10pm
Sunday 8am till 9pm

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  1. good centre to teach them about language. i have heard about this centre before and think about to sent my 5th yrs daughter there

  2. waaahhhh menarik ni, I would like to send my son here if possible. because I think my son needs a special services.. sebab dia membaca masa tak proper.. but waktu kecil kecil ni nak my kids biarkan bermain sebab makin besar mereka akan belajar bertanggungjawab..

  3. I definitely will consider this for my niece, seems affordable and the place looks nice too.