Happy birthday

by - June 22, 2015




It's 21st of June unfortunately baby M is still enjoying herself inside my womb I guess it's too comfortable. To be honest I kinda merajuk cause she's still not out yet. Why lahh!! I wanted her to be a gemini today is the last day LOL

Since I'm due anytime there are no fancy dinners or parties for me but Ric got me a cake. A cake from butterfactory. Looks really good but the taste was mehhh :/

Anyway Ric and I are anxious to meet baby M. Especially myself, I just can't wait anymore. I want to feel contraction. Unfortunately if she doesn't come out by this week we'll have to induce her and if she doesn't come out I will need to go for a c section.

Here's mywish this year for my baby to be healthy. As well as a smooth normal delivery for myself.

Fingers crossed xoxo 

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