Mummy Diary | Miya Fullmoon Party

by - July 26, 2015

10 months flew pass before I know it I gave birth to this sweet little angel before I know it, another 30days has passed and it is time for her full moon party already. Since I'm still really tired // lazy we held the baby shower at my grandma's place. A simple celebration sharing my bundle of joy with my friends and family. Ps// ah ma I still miss you no matter how long you're gone and there's not a moment I wish you were here with us. I know how thrilled you will be if you could see what I've become.

Thanks to Aunt Suet, it was so nice to sponsor the catering for her first grand-child, she ran behind my back and paid for the catering for the party and mummy got these lovely nyonya kuehs from Aunty Debbie,  a well known nyonya chef and she makes the best authentic nyonya food in town. If you're interested with her food check out her page at Debbie Teoh's World Of Nyonya

As for the decorations, it was all DIY, the initial plan was for me to do it but little did I know motherhood was really tiring so in the end, my mum, sis, aunt, dad and Ricky had to run around getting the supplies, thanks for making it possible. You guys know how I wanted a party table badly. 

Here's the list of items prepared: -
1. Catering
2. Air coolers
3. Balloons, Spotlight
4. Snacks, candies whatever that fits the pink theme
5. Cupcakes, Bisou Bake Shop
6. Nyonya kuehs, Debbie Teoh

A close up on the party table. The theme was pink so everyone made an effort to pick up pink candy and snacks.

Miya was a sleepy baby she slept through her entire fullmoon party and woke up when the guest have left. It was great to see familiar faces and I had a great time catching up with everyone afterall I was stuck at home for a month and that nearly drove me crazy, if you know me I'm not the type that stays home. Thank you everyone for attending this small fullmoon party, hope you guys have a great time 😁 

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  1. How time flies, reading your blog now and seeing how big Miya has grown. Hope all will be smooth for your lovely family.