Mummy Diary - Stay At Home Mom

by - July 21, 2015

Congratulations to myself, I can't believe that I've been a SAHM for 3 weeks already. This full time job requires 100% attention with no holidays or medical leave lol but I do enjoy spending time with Miya a lot, seeing her grow each day is the greatest gift, listening to her grunting sounds as she sleeps but with the housework piling up, I'm starting to lose it. Yes many say hire a part time, maybe I should, to keep my sanity but for the time being I've decided to be the ultimate bitch to make my point clear because I'm tired of asking.

It's easy to be a dad apparently, when the baby cries, just carry the baby, wakes mum up then go back to sleep. Easy peasy! He totally forgotten about the promises he made about us bringing up Miya

Just 2 days ago, I fell ill again, plugged ducts are a bitch, he told me not to throw a tantrum but it hasn't cross his mind that it is because of him that's why I have a temper but not because I like throwing tantrum and sulk. Things needs to be done, well at least that's how I feel unfortunately he thinks differently. Why is it so hard to just fill up water and throw out the rubbish?

I asked him to wash the bottles for me, nope, he doesn't know, I guess I've majored myself in rocket science because no one thought me how to wash bottles, no one thought me how to bath a infant or change diapers or how to latch the baby, it just come naturally as you become a mother but this does not apply to a father. #godwhyyousounfair?

Today I decided to make a point, to make things easier, I've finish up all the water at home leaving no single drop so when he wakes up he will have to fill it up but I was proven wrong, when I walked in the room, he sat there, using this laptop browsing facebook, he did not notice there was not a single drop of water left, now I know he's so lazy he doesn't drink when there's no water. #seriouslyfml

Seriously why is it so hard to do simple house chores? It make sense to me, when you do it without me asking, I will not have to ask because when I ask more than once or twice or find myself repeating it gets on my nerves and he doesn't appreciate my sarcasm much but anyway you asked for it!

Simply makes me wonder why do I have to ask someone to do something simple daily, like hello! are you dumb? blind? Drum rolls here's my conclusion, it's how you were brought up. Thank you ma for having to nag at me all the time when I was young, thank you for teaching me now that I know, I understand why I got on your nerves so much.

So it's true when they say start good habits from young.

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