Mummy Diary - Miya's Playroom

by - July 15, 2016

One of the places I've always been inspired to decorate are kid's room. I've always had an idea in my mind when I first knew I had a daugther, I wanted to create a special space for us.

During my pregnancy irregardless all the taboos given I requested for Ricky to paint the room pink, that was the very first step and then I added bits and pieces gradually.

Here's the list of decorative items you'll find in this room
1. DIY Banner
2. Eyelash Wall Decor
3. Tepee
4. Tiger Playmat
5. Parklon Playmat
6. Ice Cream Lamp
7. Colorful Screw Hooks
8. Paper Storage Bag
9. Ikea Book Rack


One of my favorite items that I added into her room is the Teepee, I've also touch it up with a cloud bunting. Added a tiger playmat for her to crawl and enjoy herself inside the teepee it has become a great space for her to play hide and seek knowing how cheeky kids can be, she loves going into the teepee.


The double sided parklon mat is great for kids there both sides is a different design so we get to change the designs as we like, it's comfortable, easy to clean, just use wet wipes or a clean cloth to clean it and most importantly it's waterproof and sometimes it becomes our bed because I tend to dooze off


Here's a spot for us to read at. Miya's current favorite book at the moment is Bunny Loves to Read. The paper storage bag is great for me to make things clean by putting all her toys inside.


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