Things to do in Guang Zhou China

by - July 31, 2016

Hey loves!

Just wanted to share about my trip in Guang Zhou, it was a work a leisure trip for 4 days and 3 nights. Planned it very last minute with my husband but overall it was really great and the perception I had about was totally different, I did not have language barrier because I spoke both Mandarin and Cantonese and that's the 2 languages they use to communicate in Guang Zhou. The city was clean and organize, transportation was easy and I just couldn't believe how efficient things were!

We stayed at this chain of budget hotel 广州迎商酒店, depending on the area it's usually RM90-150 per night. The rooms are comfortable and clean but just a heads up choose the area wisely, one of the areas I choose was pretty dodgy, it's actually for call girls, so girls pls be careful.

Transportation is really easy in GZ. You can either take the subway or download this app 滴滴出行 which allows you to pay wechat/alipay credit to hire a taxi or private drivers. It's basically uber in China. The fares were really cheap, if you're traveling in 2 or more it's definitely worth it, save your time walking to the train station and getting tickets.

There's no facebook/instagram/google maps in China. If you wish to use these apps you'll need to download a VPN 翻墙 which is sort of a routing app, search for VPN in your app store and download before arriving in China.

I've classified my founding via areas because since this is a working trip there's nothing much to share other than food and where to get them :)

Hai Zhu 

Our first meal to kick start the day, dimsum at a local restaurant. The portions are humongous so we only manage to order 4 types to try, we had the Har Gao 虾饺 & Siu Mai 烧卖, a bowl of porridge and Osmanthus Jelly for dessert 桂花糕.

located opposite Haizhu Square




Beijing Road

Beijing road is great if you love shopping, lots of commercial brands around the area, there are a few shopping malls nearby you'll find tons of street food, desserts, and boutiques and shops that'll keep you occupied. 




One of my favorite findings is this beautiful art gallery in Beijing Road, 歌莉娅225



Each floor will bring you different surprises, the first floor is run by a florist, GOELIA FLEURISTE. The second and third floor is an open space for art exhibitions.


More dessert was eaten along the way, make space for Maka-Maka, it's a combination of Egg Waffles 鸡蛋仔 with ice cream in the middle. 



Buddha Temple 大佛寺, 惠福东路惠新中街21号




I also had the best fish noodles in my life right beside this temple, here's my bowl of fish noodles with fried fish skin, the fish ball is fresh and bouncy, I went back the next day for lunch again cause that's how much I like it.



點都德, 中山四路246号信德大厦五楼

This dimsum place is packed all the time so be prepared to wait but the food makes everything worth it. The portions are huge,





Canton Tower, Guangzhou, Haizhu, Yiyuan Rd, 阅江中路222号

This place is crowded with tourist, it was 30minutes away from the city center, we took 滴滴出行, it was 20rmb but come back was the problem, only taxis were available and they do not charge by meter, we had to haggle with them for quite a bit. There's also a train station but it was packed and I didn't want to join to crowd.

The night view was amazing so we really enjoyed our walk that night. There's also a Pearl River Night Cruise, the line was pretty crazy so we decided to come back another time.



Last but not least here are to goodies I got outside my hotel in Zhong Shan Ba 中山八 my hotel is opposite the subway. The street food were cheap and superb. Chinese food will never taste the same again.




This is located right beside zhongshanba subway station, the gigantic size dimsums. They are different from the ones we get at the restaurants but they taste really good as well. My favorite was a gigantic meatball with glutinous rice inside.

I also found this small food joint near the apartments. The beef brisket is just flavorsome. The combination was just perfect,  the sweetness of the radish and tenderness of the beef was on point. Another place where I went back 2 days in a row.



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