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by - April 13, 2017

Being a mother, we only want the best for our child, which makes it important to find a good diaper for your child. I would do my very best to avoid getting diapers rash, it is a must that the brand I choose keeps baby skin dry and nice, no leakage and has superb absorption.

A few days ago, Lazada Malaysia generously gifted to us a couple of GOO.N baby products. We received a packet GOO.N Friend Pants Super Jumbo Doraemon Edition, Baby Wipes and a cute GOO.N Limited Edition Penguin Baby Wipe Box which Miya refused to let go and hugged it to sleep.

I have tested these products on my little girl, who is soon to be 2 years old and here is my review on GOO.N diaper and baby wipes.

GOO.N Friend Pants product claims

+Stretchable - The diaper is made of stretchable material, making it flexible for your baby to move around easily and quickly.

+Higher Absorbency - Magical Gel Technology ensures better & quicker absorbance so your baby can stay dry & comfortable for longer. 

+Fluffy Soft - A super soft & ultra fluffy cotton material gives your baby superior comfort. 

+Better Air Flow - A breathable and better-ventilated sheet allows for better air flow, so baby's skin remains cool, dry & moisture-free.


Goo.N diapers is very convenient, the seams at the sides of the diapers is easily tear off prior to disposing the diaper. The elastic around the legs are stretchy and it does not leave marks on Miya thighs, the fitting hugs properly hence there were no leakage even when the diaper is full, most importantly the absorbency and dryness is good.

GOO.N Baby wipes product claims

+99% purified water, safe for baby sensitive skin

+Does not contain fragrance, alcohol, paraben and hydroxybenzoate


I love the size of GOO.N Wipes, the wipes are larger and thicker than the normal ones we get out there, this makes it super convenient and easy for mummies to clean their child. The sheets are 99% pure water leaving the skin moist. I also love the Penguin Baby Wipe Box which is air tight to prevent the wipes from drying up and there is a safety lock to prevent your child from opening it.


GOO.N walker pants deserve a thumbs up from me and Miya. It is my preferred choice of disposable walker pants diaper.


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