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by - May 30, 2018

Harmful chemicals and additives are often included in on the counter products, which is why I am more selective with the products I use now. I often hunt for handcrafted products, which is different from mass produced brands, I appreciate the thoughts and effort that's been put into making a good, quality product.

Green Herbology is a homegrown brand in Malaysia which offers affordable natural skin, body and hair products formulated using high quality botanical extracts and essential oils. Highlights include Botanical Liquid Soap, Botanical Massage Oil & Skin Oil, TreeAcne -Tea Tree Acne Gel and EczeLief – Natural Eczema Intense Healing Cream, a favorite amongst those with eczema, sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

Green Herbology aims to provide skincare ingredients ranges formulated with 100% natural to give their users experience in beautifying as close to the nature as possible without any harmful additives. 

Botanical Liquid Soap – The Natural Body and Hand Soap For Sensitive Skin RM29.00

✓Hydrating and moisturizing soap
✓Great for sensitive skin
✓Suitable for everyday use

Botanical Massage Oil & Skin Oil RM33.00

✓Helps relieve muscle related aches and pains
✓Provides nutrients and moisture to the skin

TreeAcne -Tea Tree Acne Gel RM26.00

✓100% Natural, Safe and Effective - paraben free, alcohol-free, non-toxic, non-hormonal
✓100% pure Tea Tree Oil
✓Helps control acne
✓Easily absorb into the skin
✓Disinfect pores, dry out blackheads and whiteheads

EczeLief – Natural Eczema Intense Healing Cream RM33.00

✓GMO Free Natural Ezcema Cream
✓Nongreasy formula
✓Rich with soothing agents
✓Absorbs quickly into skin

Green Herbology products are available for purchase at their website for more information follow them on Facebook at or email them at

Great news for my readers!! 

Here's a discount code valid till this 30th June 2018, enjoy 10% storewide when you key in "NPJS10" and that's not it, for every review given back to Green Herbology, you will receive another 10% discount on the item, just contact 0162254815 for more details.

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  1. Wow. The price is very reasonable. I would love to try them out and with the code, perhaps I can buy more too.

  2. woohoo! this is interesting! it is good to know they are using botanical extracts because above all, I prefer natural products since they are safer than those chemical products.

  3. I have been looking for natural beauty products but have not found one that I really liked for my whole body. It is great news to me that Herbology has a range of products for face, hair and body. Would love to try. Thanks for the discount code.

  4. Nowadays many people looking for Botanic product and its really good for all skin type..for this product looks interesting and the price also cheap compare other botanic product..maybe can give a try..

  5. wah , this is so wow. wanna go tru of this product and if its suits me can give it a try

  6. ohhh wow.. thia is so cool stuff to try.. for eveeyone yang sensitive skin boleh try thia prosucts.. natural ingrediants and good to share..

  7. I like handcrafted product. Selamat untuk digunakan dan terjamin kandungannya. Nak apply onto our skin pun tak perlu risau sebab bahan yang digunakan bebas dari bahan kimia berbahaya

  8. first time heard about it., but 1 thing there;s a lot of women products nowadays right? so better careful and this product i think most recommended

  9. Wow new product.
    Now it is a trend that companies starting to produce natural products. Awesome. Healthy products for a healthy lifestyle.

  10. That why you look beauty mommy every day this the tips hehehe nice lah. Easy to using for modern women...

  11. someone had shared this with me but i still doubt until i read this review. SHould give it a try as nowadays many spoke about herbology. Time to try this!

  12. great products ! Using product that only using natural ingredients is the way of life. I would love to buy the massage oil for muscle. the price is quite reasonable. Got extra 10% discount some more. wahh !

  13. I am always into natural skincare like this. It is good for our akin health

  14. wow,,, interesting with this products..sebab jarang i dengar produk handcraft ni... malah ia lebih selamat kerana tidak mempunyai sebarang bahan yg bahaya dan paraben free... semuanya menggunakan bahan yg botanic pulak tu.... mmg all natural product...skincare ini sesuai untuk all skin types??

  15. Wah...kita sama la shin lee..suka produk2 homegrown mcm ni..
    Nanti nk try la acne cream tu..
    Muka tgh berjerawat ni

  16. wow, handcrafted products! I like! Affordable price and very good ingredients. Must try!

  17. in love with the product named eczelief.. my kids have a mild eczema.. and the price also affordable... anyway, thanks for sharing the info to us.

  18. I also lovee handcraft product. Produk handcraft ini bagi perasaan yang unik dan special. I should recommend this to my sister. Dia ada eczema dan sedang cari skincare