Safe and Painless Teeth Whitening at Whitening Net Mid Valley

by - May 04, 2018

Your smile is one of your first noticeable features, having a great smile can help boost confidence in all aspects of your life, whether it's at work, home or in a social setting. Thank you Whitening Net for giving me back your beautiful, confident smile.

Certain lifestyle habits can lead to tooth staining and discoloration. Transform your appearance in just 30 minutes with Whitening Net treatment. The treatment is safe, simple, and effective. After 30 minutes you'll have a brighter whiter smile. For optimal results, it is also important to avoid tobacco use and the frequent consumption of dark foods and beverages- especially coffee and teas.

Why choose Whitening Net?

#1 The teeth whitening solution's main ingredient is Titanium Oxide, it is an inorganic compound which produces very low sensitivity to the teeth, gums or other parts of the body. In fact, it can inhibit periodontal pathogens and remove plaque.

#2 The treatment is painless and safe for your mouth and teeth there is no need to worry about gum erosion.

#3 The treatment is proven to be effective, it removes the yellow stain through photocatalyst. It also functions as an antibacterial by killing germs and removing bad breath.

This treatment has been proven to be not just effective but also, more important, safe for your mouth and teeth.

The process 

To prepare for Whitening Net, you are asked to brush your teeth for the first round and then identify the color of the current teeth. 

After that is done, the mouth-opener is applied, the service attendant will wipe off access moisture/saliva from the surface on your teeth, vaseline is also applied to your lips to protect it from the LED light.

Spray on the teeth whitening solution to your teeth and start to irradiate your teeth with LED light for 8 minutes. Repeat the steps again, rinse and the treatment is complete, leaving you with a brighter whiter smile.

The Result 

I am satisfied with the results, my teeth appear to be brighter and cleaner, after the quick procedure, my teeth are 2 shades lighter. There is also no need for after treatment home care, I can continue to eat and drink and use my regular toothpaste and since I had sensitive teeth, I experience no teeth sensitivity at all.

If you are interested with this quick and painless treatment, try it out for yourself at Whitening Net for more information contact them HERE

There is a promotional price for first timers at RM128 for 1 session (N/P RM188/session) and get yourself that million dollar smile

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