Official Launch of Dr Buds Organics

by - July 26, 2018

Founded in Malaysia, Buds Organic is known as one of the most comprehensive certified organic baby care ranges in the world. I was rejoiced when I heard that they are adding a personal care range that helps treat specific skin condition such as acne, eczema, hair loss, and dandruff, these are the most common issues faced today and they are all aggravated by the commercial, chemical solutions available on shelves - even those that are advertised to help.

Buds Organics was built out of KK’s love for his children who suffered from eczema during their baby years. The products use only the safest, purest, and most effective natural ingredients. His personal experiences with teenage acne challenged him to explore new avenues to develop safe and effective treatment-focused solutions for some of the most common yet poorly treated skin conditions, especially as his own children approached teenage years. This is the story of Dr. Buds Organics

Dr Buds Organics products are certified organic by ECOCERT, one of the most established and reputable organic certification bodies in the world, to ensure only the safest natural organic ingredients are used made through eco-friendly processes.

Fuelled by the fusion of science and nature’s healing power, here is Dr Buds Organics latest range

#1 Easy-Clear for eczema 

#2 Acne Rescue for acne

#3 Hair Loss Rescue for hair loss

#4  Dandruff Rescue for dandruff

“Parents can empathise with the feeling of trying to bubble-wrap our children from negative experiences even when we know that it’s important that they experience them part of growing up,” KK shared.

“As a teenager, my suffering with acne was further frustrated by the lack of visible improvement no matter what I tried. The vicious comments about my skin from my schoolmates, caused me to feel depressed and withdraw socially. The fatherly protective instinct within me wants to make sure that if I can do something about it, I must. Dr BudsOrganics’ formulations are my efforts towards that.”

When Dr. Amir Hamzah Abdul Latiff, Allergist & Immunologist at Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur, came across the range, he was taken by its brand promise and efficacy.

“As an allergist and immunologist, I only know too well the kind of frustrations my patients face when using commercial personal care products. They lament the fact that they can’t find many solutions that work without any negative side effects. There’s always something. I was pleased to discover Dr Buds Organics, especially when I found out that they have the Ecocert organic certification, which assured me of its safety and credibility. What stood out for me however, was KK’s dedication and passion to create this incredible range for his children. As a father myself, I understand a father’s love and am confident that if this range was created for his children, then the very best are in those products, and I will have no hesitation using these products myself."

Dr Buds Organics products are currently available on their website. They are also available exclusively in Guardian and Pantai Hospital KL starting 1st August 2018.

Dr Buds Organics is produced with the support of the Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC).

For the latest updates and more information, please visit Dr Buds Organics official homepage

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