Stay Dry with Shapee Disposable Nursing Pads

by - July 23, 2018

Leaking is common especially in the first few months of breastfeeding when your milk supply is adjusting. I had a few embarrassing experiences, to name a few, leaking in a white shirt at work is not funny, that happened the other when I have forgotten to put on my pads #smh! 

I've been using reusable breast pads all this while but they are really thick in size and most of the time I find it really uncomfortable putting them on, it feels like my boobies don't get enough ventilation. Another downside of it is my nursing bra is thin and these pads can be seen under the clothing which is an eyesore for me.

Anyway, I was introduced to these super lightweight nursing pads from Shapee, these pads are made in Korea and they come in a box of 30s and I was really surprised they are also really affordable as well, each box is only RM18.90 and they are available for purchase online at here

I've started using Shapee disposable nursing pads and I find them really comfortable, thumbs up for being so trustworthy! and below are the top 5 reasons why I like wearing them :)

#1 Lightweight and thin, it is only 1mm so it does not feel bulk underneath my bra, it feels like I'm not wearing them actually.

#2 Soft and breathable material which makes it really comfortable since I will be out and about the entire day.

#4 Great absorbancy, it can absorb up to 55ml of water, so far I have no encounter any leakage from them and it stays dry!
#4 The double anti-slip adhesive sticky pieces to holds them in place and prevent sliding. I've used other brands that don't stay in place and it is such a nuisance that I have to keep adjusting them.

#5 Individually wrapped for hygiene purposes, I pop a few into my bag in case I need a change during the day.

Shapee is a one stop center for mummies, they sells a variety of nursing, maternity, shapewear items for more information visit and if you're planning to purchase these super comfy disposable nursing pads quote code "10dnpblogger03" upon check out to enjoy 10% off your purchase at Shapee

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