Activities For Kids | The Adventurers' Web at AEON Mall Nilai Seremban

by - March 22, 2019

Searching for a fun spot for your family and kids this school holiday? The Adventurers' Web will officially open its door to the public in Saturday 23rd March 2019 at AEON Mall at Nilai, Seremban.
The Adventurers' Web is the first of its kind, offering fun and engaging activities in 3 innovative interactive zones that will keep you and your kids busy, shoppers can experience a whole new mall concept at AEON Mall Nilai.

The 3 main attractions in The Adventurers' Web are Dinosaur Rangers, Monster House and the Mini Science and Technology Discovery Center.

Do you love Dinosaur? Do you wanna get up close and personal with dinosaurs? Visiting Dinosaur Rangers will fly you back to prehistoric times as they will experience interactive Kart Rides, explore the Raptors Maze, find a fossil at the Fossil Extraction site, climb up the Pterosaurs Nest and not forgetting meeting with more than 10 life-size dinosaurs.

While you're here don't forget to join their daily Dinosaur Show that is really entertaining, this is an adventure you can't miss! 

Those who love science and technology will be able to explore the Mini Science & Technology Discovery Center, which serves as a mini-hub for children and students to create, explore and inspire. 

Discover fun activities and games like reverse bungee, interactive sand pit projection mapping, robot programming, and many more exciting activities that will be coming in. There also ongoing workshop so you'll have a hands-on experience with science. 

Monster House has a unique setting with 13 different themes that are thrilling and scary. It's divided into two categories, namely the 'family base' cute and cheeky little monster and the 'extreme base' for those who would like to test the daring level because you'll find it really creepy and scary here.

Excited to visit this place already? 

Early bird tickets are available for purchase starting today and tomorrow for RM25 the normal price for allais 3 attractions is RM49. 

Visit them this Sunday 23rd March 2019 because the first 200 shoppers will get a FREE ticket and stand chances to walk away with lucky draw prizes. On the opening day, shopper can also get their hands on discounted combo tickets which will be offered at a discount of 20% from the original prize of RM49. AEON Card Holder will also receive a 30% off during the purchase. 

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  1. Nice activity to do with children. I hope I can go to explore The Adventure Web... Really excited it!

  2. wow...menariknya tempat ni,lagipun dekat dengan rumah i...kebetulan cuti sekolah ni,bolehla bawa anak2 nanti..

  3. Oh I'm so late to read this. If I know earlier I'll definitely want to get the free tickets. Hehe. Really want to go for the Dino experience.

  4. I love this place and very good knowledge can get for kid and adult like use hehehehe... I suka masuk rumah hantu dan juga rumah Dinosaur...

  5. Dinasour rangers?
    Bestnya dapat tengok dinasour secara dekat even ianya bukan hidup pun.
    Lorong apa yang banyak tangan tu. 😄
    Seram pulak tengoknya..

  6. The Mini Science & Technology Discovery Center sounds great to play hehe