Suu Balm Rapid Itch Relief Skin Range is now available exclusively at Watsons

by - March 01, 2019

Hot weather all year round causing dry skin can lead to eczema, psoriasis and other skin problems. It's shocking to know that around 1 in 10 Malaysians suffers from eczema and shockingly 2 in 10 children.

Eczema is really common and it's a tough battle since there's no cure for it, the skin tends to be dry, easily irritated and itchy. If you suffer from eczema or you know a family member or friend who does,  please share this with them.

Suu Balm is an itch relieving body moisturizer that effectively stops itchiness within a couple of minutes. The brand is developed by Dr. Tey Hong Liang, a consultant dermatologist at the National Skin Center in Singapore, after numerous tests and formulations, he discovered that one combination that truly works wonders - a natural ingredient - menthol, combined with a deeply nourishing ceramide moisturizer.

During the launch I attend this week, I had a chance to be educated by Dr. John O'shea, Suu Balm co-founder, on what eczema and how Suu Balm products help people relieve their itch and protect their skin. He also demonstrated the Menthol Stopwatch and Ceramide experiments and how Suu Balm washes works.

The Suu Balm Original range consists of Suu Balm Rapid Itch Relieving Body Moisturizer and Suu Balm Cream Body Wash. The Suu Balm Kids range consists of Suu Balm Kids Rapid Itch Relieving Ceramide Moisturizer and Suu Balm Kids Head to Toe Body Wash.

Suu Balm range is suitable for the entire family, along with rapid itch reduction it also contains high percentages of premium ceramides that are the best in class compounds to restore skin barrier and health, the body washes do not contain harsh cleansers such as SLS, SLES and it's free of parabens, preservatives, and fragrances and all products are certified Halal by Jakim Malaysia.

Please take note that Suu Balm does not replace your ordinary moisturizer, you should continue what is recommended by your doctor but add this on top to it to help relieve your skin's itchiness.

Suu Balm is available exclusively now at Watsons and good news for those who are interested to purchase it because there's a special introductory offer for Suu Balm Body Moisturizer at RM9.90 from now till 4 March 2019 while PWP offer of 30% off on Suu Balm Washes for Kids and the Original Range from 5 March to 1 April 2019. For more details on Suu Balm check out their official website here

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