Beko Vacuum Blender + Smoothie & Ice Cream Recipe

by - June 17, 2019

Having the right equipment in the kitchen is gonna be useful for a mum that means I will be able to whip up more food in the kitchen. Please welcome my recent addition - Beko Vacuum Blender! I wanted to adopt healthier habits for my family, instead of processed food I wanted to add in more dishes made at home by myself with a blender I could add in more healthy smoothies, homemade sauces, and even ice cream to our menu.

It took me a while to survey the market and choose the right blender, the reason I choose Beko Vacuum Blender is because it's value for money, with the latest technology that goes into it I am sold the moment I was introduced to it. This blender has the capability to extract all the good stuff from your fruits and vegetables and the taste and texture of the blended drink last longer after you blend your ingredients.

Beko Vacuum Blender uses the Vacuum Blending Technology, it removes air from the jar before blending with a touch of a button, this helps to prevent nutrient loss caused by oxidation of your fruits and vegetable and it's able to prolong the shelf life of your smoothies. The lack of air will also results in smoothies that have less foam and separation, retain their vivid color over time, and a smoother blend.

Wheater you're ice crushing, mixing and blending, this blender is right for you, it comes with 4 Programmes – Blend, Ice, Smoothie and Sauce to help you with your recipes. You can choose between vacuum blending or normal blending. For even more flexibility, you can pick between a selection of speed settings with a pulse option for blending thick ingredients.

Another function I am really happy with is the Auto-clean Setting this is just amazing, you know how icky when you get a dirty blender right? Beko Vacuum Blender has an easy-to-use Auto-clean setting that cleans your blender, simply pour water into the jug, and the blender will use a powerful pulse movement to clean high up the sides and into every corner making sure it's squeaky clean.

What did I make with my Beko Vacuum Blender?

So far I've used this blender to make smoothies and I had my first attempt at making ice cream and it was a success. The girls love it and even my husband who hardly takes sweet stuff loves it.

Beko Vacuum Blender is really easy to use, just pop the ingredients into your jug and select the choice of mode and wait for the magic to happen.

Here's a refreshing smoothie recipe that is perfect for our hot weather


1 cup of Strawberries
Half a Watermelon

Blend the watermelon until smooth and add the strawberries into the mixture and blend for another minute.

If you’ve never tried fruit ice cream you’ve been missing out. I took another level with this simple  Dragon Fruits + Mango + Banana Ice Cream recipe. It was sweet, gorgeous and very healthy. All I had to do is to pop the ingredients into your jug and select smoothie mode and let the magic happen.


1/4 Cup Cream
2 Large frozen bananas
1 Large mango
1 Medium dragon fruit

Just blend all the ingredients together, pour it into a mold and place it in the refrigerator for a few hours and the ice cream is done

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  1. All my previous blenders won't last after a year. This seems promising. Gonna try this for my daily morning juice. Thanks for the review Jia Shin

  2. OMG I know I’ll love this vacuum blender as well! You totally got me at it’s various function, along with the 4 programme that we can choose to suits us at the moment. I can imagine how helpful this item will be in order for me to stay eating healthy too since I always love to do healthy homemade ice cream, smoothies, food and everything for me and my family. How much is this blender and where could we find it yea?

  3. wah.. really good helper in kitchen i think.. how much it is?

  4. bestnya kalu ada blender khas untuk buat jus buah kat rumah. kat kampung ada 2 blender, satu tuk blend bawang..satu lagi tu blend buah tapi bila balik raya hari tu dua blend buat mesin bawang. hahaha

  5. thanks for sharing. it is my first time for hearing this brand. i'm sure my mother will love this product if i but it for her. anyway, thanks for sharing again :)

  6. I beleived that a new technology (the Vacuum Blending Technology), first time heard it.
    Beko Brand also one of the biggest electrical home appliance product in Europe

  7. Sedapnya combination smoothie you. Semua buah tu mmg Bella suka. Btw, kagum juga dengan teknologi blender ni. Yes, memang oxidation process menyebabkan buah hilang sket nutrien or cepat lebam, thought the effect maybe little je kalau guna blender biasa. Regards the taste maybe different, so I kene try dululah. Hehe.

  8. Wow this Beko Vaccum Blender looks interesting. I nak belu satu lah. Sebab selain buat juice, boleh juga buat smoothies. Mudah dan jimat masa kan. Nanti i nak recce this vaccum blender. Thanks for sharing

  9. Bestnyaaaa. Haritu baru cakap dengan kawan nak cari blender buah ni. Macam best je brand ni. TQ tau share dan siap bagi resepi lagi. Nanti kita nak cuba pulak.

  10. Cantiknya blander dari Beko ni hurmmmm bestnya kalau kita dapat satu hehehehe kita memang suka blend buah untuk buat jus hehehehe nak lah cari power ni...

  11. First time tahu pasal brand Beko ni. Yes, paling menyampah bila nak basuh blender kadang tu sampai terluka. Great thing dengan vacuum blender ni boleh basuh dengan bersih dan mudah.

  12. Love this simple recipe! And the ice cream looks so good =) I wanted to taste some too!

  13. Damn.. For one this is making me hungry.. Secondly I need to get myself that blender.. Like asap

  14. This blender is really ideal for those who wanna make healthy punch of fruit juice right? Good to know that it can really blend all the fruits so well. Thanks for sharing. :)

  15. You make me fall in live with this vacuum blender just right after read your review. This so gonna be in my wishlist for now.