I Drank Mintox for 14 Days — Here’s What Happened

by - June 01, 2019

Remember my previous post about Mintox? If you don't read all about the product information here https://bit.ly/2Wp66jA anyway back to the topic, it's been 14 days which is the end of my first box and I'm here to share my detox results with you guys!

My 14 Day Experience

Day 1: Pretty excited about this, I stop eating at 8pm every day so that's when I started with my first packet. Mintox was easy to prepare, just mix one sachet with a cup of warm water and surprisingly it doesn't need to be shaken like most drinks do, just stir with a teaspoon and you're good to go. Taste wise I like it very much, it's actually really tasty, kinda reminds me of peach tea. The instructions mentioned to add 200ml of water but that wasn't enough for me and I felt that it was too sweet so I added more.

Day 2: So this is the day I had to go the toilet, on their website they actually give a heads up to consumers so I knew what was coming. I had a tummy ache at 7am in the morning and that woke me up, it wasn't that bad, we to the toilet and settle it.

Day 7; It's been a week of consuming Mintox, I could feel my body being lighter, Mintox has definitely helped me combat my constipation problems, since I've been taking it on time it's now a routine for me to go to the toilet every morning before I leave home and being able to go to the toilet every day is bliss to me, for a person who suffers from constipation this I've got to say this works!

Day 14: It's been 2 weeks now since I've weighed myself before I started my first box, I am happy to see myself losing 1.3kg, I notice my belly is much smaller which gives me more confidence. 

My verdict: Mintox is a delicious detox fiber that works for me, it has helped me achieved both my goals - constipation & weight loss. In terms of losing weight, if you’re looking for a quick solution to lose weight, this is not for you. Mintox works with you together with a healthy diet and workout regimen you'll be on your journey to a healtier self.

For more information about Mintox, please visit their website http://www.mintox.kiwi and their FB page here https://www.facebook.com/mintoxmalaysia/

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