Guardian Exclusive tokidoki Travel Series

by - November 01, 2019

Luggage with personality is always more fun right? Meet my new travel buddy from the Guardian Exclusive tokidoki Travel Series and this is not it, there's an entire range that is begging to be taken everywhere this holiday!

Guardian Malaysia recently collaborated with Tokidoki and they've just unveild the Guardian Exclusive tokidoki Travel Series it consists a tote bag, backpack and a 20 inch luggage you'll never have to sturggle during your holiday.

The tote bag has plenty of room, the roomy compartment allows the tote to be easily packed and organized for your personal travel accessories, the cute backpack is spacious with enough space for a long weekend, but it’s still compact enough for the most minimalist traveler and my favorite of all the 20 inch luggage that's ultra chic, it's a beautiful choice for any kind of adventre.

Tokidoki is a brand that has achieved a global cult-like following with its colourful, eye-catching, larger-than-life characters and art-form created and designed by co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Simone Legno. Simone Legno created the art on 3 limited edition travel bags which we call the Guardian Exclusive tokidoki Travel Series. 

If you look carefully, you will see that the designs are incorporated with health and beauty item elements with the tokidoki characters. You can see some items, for example, like lipstick and nail polish which you can buy at Guardian and you will also see an Orange Store included which represents Guardian stores.

The Guardian Exclusive tokidoki Travel Series are limited edition, it will be available starting 31st October until 31st December 2019, containing a Tote Bag, Backpack and a 20 inch Luggage, so hurry up and grab it while it last because purchases are on a first-come, first, served basis.

Guardian Exclusive tokidoki Travel Series

#1 Tote Bag RM80 (Purchase with purchase) RSP* RM280
#2 Backpack RM100 (Purchase with purchase) RSP* RM440
#3 Luggage RM170 (Purchase with purchase) RSP* RM600

To qualify to buy these travel bags at these discounted prices, Guardian customers only need to spend RM30 and above with participating brands in a single receipt or RM50 and above without participating brands in a single receipt.

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