The Art Of Position Book Launch with Datuk Stella Chin

by - November 11, 2019

“Every Year, you should have a new Position”

To become a distinguished worker, you have to understand that excellence starts with you and it begins from within. To become an excellent manager, you have to think outside the box and lead the team to charge forward towards a goal.” – Datuk Stella Chin

Sounds challenging but after attending the book launch of Datuk Stella Chin, it got me thinking about my current role, am I doing enough? Am I stuck in a comfort zone? Well to be honest, I've been stuck for the past 4 years, doing repetitive work, sticking to my comfort zone and afraid to pass the line I should have done ages ago.

Anyway long story short I took a leap and now I'm finally in a different position but without a mentor, it can be difficult at times and I'm glad that I've bumped into this book that educates me with the necessary resources which allow me to aim for the better.

The Art of Position by Datuk Stella Chin is a good read for me, it aims to offer useful and understandable information that can be applied to improve yourself, which is perfect for junior and mid-level administrative and managerial staff. It doesn't matter if you're from a business or non-business background, as long as your work involves organizational operations, this book will benefit and give great improvement from the knowledge shared by Datuk Stella Chin.

For over 25 years of international marketing and business management experiences, Datuk Stella Chin is proficient in personnel, resources and operational management. She has achieved a balanced life of excellence and happiness, and she is sharing her secrets with the world.

If you're wondering why she wrote about position, it all started from the Chinese character for the word Position is written as 位, a combination of Human (人) and Stand (立). This character blend can be interpreted as a “stand that dominates a person’s action”.

In a team, everyone has their own position. If you want to be in a better position, you have to work harder; if you want to change your position, you have to change your mindset; and if you want to be in a better position next year, you have to start investing in yourself now. Your ambition has to be supported with new skills, improvements and talents.

The Art Of Position will be a guide for us on our journey through the world of business. It is available in English and Mandarin for RM55 at leading bookstores. 

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