Orange & Black Themed Halloween Party

by - October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween, how's everybody doing so far?

I know Halloween is not popular in Malaysia but it always had a special meaning to me, I've been celebrating it with my family for ages because of CMCO this year I've chosen to stay in because home is the safest place to be right now but that doesn't mean I have to give up my celebration, I've decided to throw an unforgettable Halloween Party with my kids and I'm so excited to share my party ideas. 

Since it was just a party for the four of us, the checklist was rather simple this time, all we needed was decorations, balloons, costumes, party food, and cakes. 

Decorating a party is the best part of a party, it's a part that I look forward to doing because that is what makes a party come together, in order to have a successful party, we'll need a reliable party supplier to help us out and I'm so glad that I found Balloon Buzz

Balloon Buzz has been around for ages, I remember seeing them when I was just a teenager, they offer a great variety of different balloons from latex, foil to letters, number, and shaped balloons, Ballon Buzz has everything you need to create a unique party, there are 12 branches across Klang Valley, with pick up services and delivery services, you can check them out here

I decided on my party pretty late which left me with 10 days to prepare and I'm glad Balloon Buzz is there to help me out, gave them the color schemes I planned so we've created an orange and black Halloween Balloon Arch and intertwined the arch with spider web, giving it a Halloween look.

I loved how this party turned out! The balloon decoration from Balloon Buzz has given the exact pop to my party, not to mentioned the amazing service I've received from them, I had my balloons delivered straight to my doorstep for only RM20 and they even set it up for me. Planning a party is never easy so I'm glad to say they really reliable, responsive to my inquiries and delivery was on time, plus they made sure everything was set up properly before they left, I've got to give them two thumbs for this. 

So if you're looking for a dependable party supplier you've can check out Balloon Buzz not only they are reliable, they've got lots of choices to choose from and the items are also priced affordably! Currently, they are offering free delivery for purchases above RM100 during CMCO, so you can still celebrate special occasions with your loved ones. 

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