Nutritional Meal Replacement with Ujuwon AiO Meal Shake

by - July 13, 2021

Losing weight might seem impossible when we are under quarantine, I notice I tend to snack more whenever I'm home. However, there's one trick that I do all the time and it's proven to aid my weight loss - counting on meal replacement that is nutritionally a full meal!

Drinking the right meal replacement shake is the foundation for weight loss, building muscle, and maintaining good health, let me share with you my current meal replacement shake - Ujuwon AiO Meal Shake. 

What's inside Ujuwon AiO Meal Shake?

Ujuwon AiO Meal Shake is a meal replacement shake filled with 23 essential vitamins & minerals, 8 premium grains & bean, 5 essential enzymes with no added sugar making in low in calories. This meal replacement is designed with complete nutrition and health boosting benefits infused with MCT Oil & Konjac to help you feel full while consuming fewer calories.

It comes in a box of 10 sachets, it is available in two flavors - mocha and vanilla, I love how it satisfies and fills my tummy quickly and at the same time fully loaded with beneficial minerals and vitamins that help me go through the day.

How to prepare Ujuwon AiO Meal Shake?

Ujuwon AiO Meal Shake is simple to prepare, all you need is water and a shaker, mix it with 150-200 water and it's ready to be consumed. For a delicious state, you can add skimmed milk or almond milk (lower calorie option) to enjoy a flavor.

Additional tips?

Many people fail in weight loss because they do not have a plan, start planning and do enough research when you start replacing your meals, I love replacing my lunch because it’s a healthy & convenient option whenever I’m on the go, if you still feel hungry try adding chia seed into your shake, it helps increase fullness & slow absorption of your food.

Meanwhile, you should also continue with easy exercises as well as getting enough sleep, water and don’t forget to cut your sugar! I would say that is the biggest culprit in our diet. Bonus point is that Ujuwon AiO Meal Shake has ZERO added Sugar!

Where can you get Ujuwon AiO Meal Shake?

Ujuwon AiO Meal Shake is available on their official stores at it’s currently on promotional price at RM99, or you can choose a bundle of 2 for RM177 or bundle of 4 for RM297

Follow their Facebook page or Instagram for more details and promotions of Ujuwon’s amazing range of beauty & wellness products.

Brief Company Review Ujuwon

Ujuwon is an innovative company that offers leading cutting-edge beauty & wellness supplement products that are effective & safe. The products offered by them are known for delivering transformative results whilst being completely clean, safe, non-toxic, and ethical.

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