4 Reasons Why I Fell in Love with Tanamera Waterless Diffuser

by - October 18, 2021

Have you heard about it yet? 

Being a big fan of Tanamera, I'm so excited to try out Tanamera’s new Waterless Diffuser is one little machine that packs a powerful punch and rose above the rest, it uses an atomizer that creates super fine particles of essential oils that can be distributed through the air. It takes water and heat out of the equation, while its convenient size offers ideal coverage for your office, bedrooms and other small spaces. Simply bring it with you during your travels, it’ll be your best companion and what you’ll get will be pure essential oil aroma surrounding you! 

Here are the top 4 reasons I love Tanamera Waterless Diffuser 

#1 Diffuses straight from the oil bottle

Tanamera uses technology to preserve the therapeutic properties within the essential oil as it is diffused into the air, resulting in a much stronger scent than you’ll get from most diffusers. This really makes life easier. 

#2 No water or heating is required

Super easy to operate, there's no need to clean the water tank! It uses innovative high-frequency vibrating atomization instead of air nozzles, with no heat, cold mist, no water, and very low noise. I am reaping the benefits of high-fidelity aromatherapy in a healthy, convenient, and quiet way and very safe around children & pets! 

#3 Cordless & rechargeable

The Tanamera Waterless Diffuser is portable design, packed with built-in lithium battery and works up to 80 hours’ max time standby. A simple charge with USB will last you for hours, thus making the diffuser very mobile. I literally can bring it along wherever I go! 

#4 Get 100% pure essential oils

Specifications of Tanamera Waterless Diffuser 

This diffuser will diffuse the essential oils in 3 speed mist

1st speed: 15s atomization

2nd speed: 30s atomization

3rd speed: 60s atomization

There will be a 180s interval between each atomization.

The diffuser could work continuously for 2 hours before shutting off automatically. If you want it to keep running, switch it on it manually after two hours.

Overall this is a great device to own and I'm glad I've gotten my hands on it! Definitely no regrets, gives me a piece of mind, not much cleaning is needed, it's easy to prepare and even easier to carry around with me whereever I go!

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