myFirst Fone R1 Smart Watch Phone

by - October 21, 2021

Time flies Miya is 6 years old this year and we are training her to be more independent. Ever since MCO is lifted my husband and I have been busier than ever, besides going to daycare, there are days where we leave her with granny lin for the entire day. I guess when it's safer she gets to go back to her playdates and additional lessons but in the meantime, we'll play safe. 

Introduced Miya to her first Smartwatch Phone - myFirst Fone R1 and she was really excited, she gets to have a taste of a phone without actually giving her a phone if you know what I mean, it's a super cool gadget for the kid and practical solution for parents, I can easily trace her whereabouts and she can get hold of us whenever she misses us. 

myFirst Fone is a kid-friendly 4G LTE Smartwatch Phone with a real-time GPS tracker, it allows your kid to make calls to a shortlist of contacts listed by us parents, with no games nor web access. Sounds just right for a 6 year old right? 

TIP: After surveying, found out that Tunetalk has the cheapest data plan which cost us RM8 a month. 

myFirst Fone R1 Smartwatch Phone is easy to operate and is integrated with multiple functions. Parents need to download myFirstFone app on android or iOS, the app gives us full parental control. 

The trendy Smartwatch Phone comes in 3 fun colors - Space Grey, Lavender Purple & Macaw Blue, Miya chose the one in purple because its the girliest color she can get 😂

The straps are made from comfortable soft-touch silicone,  she has zero complain even it has been with her the entire day, besides that the Smartwatch is easily rechargeable with a USB cable, charging time is pretty quick but the watch needs to be charged every 2 days depending on its usage.

myFirst Fone R1 Smartwatch Phone features

  • Two-way calling via video call 
  • Ability to send voice notes & messages (just like Whatsapp)
  • GPS Tracking
  • SOS Emergency Call 
  • 2 Megapixel Camera 
  • Music player up to 500 songs  
  • Calendar
  • Pedometer

myFirst Fone has all the features that are essential and none of the ones that I do not want. We’ve been using it for the past month and we're loving it, Miya gets the freedom to communicate with the contacts I've set up for her, she has access to mama, papa, and granny any time of the day. 

If you'll love to keep in touch with your kids on the go, whether it's in school, after class lessons, or play dates, I highly recommend myFirst Fone, it gives us peace of mind knowing we can keep track of them and get in touch with them. 

For more information about myFirst Fone please visit their official website they have 4 range of Smartwatch Phone available pricing from RM299 to RM719 depending on the features and needs you'll like. 





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