City Gardening 3.0 at The Linc KL

by - November 28, 2021

City Gardening KL is back again and this round they have grown bigger compared to when they first started, if you're curious, read up my previous post City Gardening Min Fair Christmas Market HERE City Gardening 3.0 will have more than 20 booths for you to shop at over 3 floors, if you're a pant lover this is a plant market you should not miss! 

If you’re wondering what is City Gardening 3.0, it is a plant market that started in the year 2020, they bring together local homegrown vendors for a one-of-a-kind plant retail therapy. At their plant market, you'll get the chance to shop the latest plants in trend, enjoy rare plants display, I was amazed by the rare cactus from Kedai Kak Suri, you can also get your gardening supplies recommended by the vendors or try out Shamrock Botanics, they've been my favorite so far, there are also unique pots, plant-related accessories and many more!

City Gardening 3.0 was held on 4th till 7th November 2021 at The Linc KL from 10am till 10pm and as usual, I had a great time shopping there and I was really swept off my feet with the variety of plants in all sizes available and all-around rare plants that I've never seen before!

Fans of Anthurium check out Meow Plants they've also got gorgeous staghorn ferns that I was debating whether or not to bring home, another one of my favorites has got to be May's Nepenthes Malaysia, they've got the cutest carnivorous plants for you to choose from and brought home 2 species - pitcher & venus flytrap!  

Found this beautiful Begonia Ferox from @baloo.jungle & Begonia White Ice from @plantygoddesgarden to my Begonia Collection 💚

City Gardening KL is my one-stop plant market for sure, it sure feels good to support the local vendors and the plant community like Plant Swag & Klang Valley Plant Acquisition for plant exchange activities, since I only came on Saturday I only manage to join Plant Swag. 

To learn more about the City Gardening KL visit their social media heard that there's another event coming up in December just before the year ends, go ahead and swing by and bring a little piece of botanical goodness home with you.

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  1. Wow this is great! will try to dropby the city gardening pop-up store