Exploring KL Park Festival x City Gardening KL 2023

by - March 10, 2023

KL Park Festival 2023

Get ready for the event of the year! KL Park Festive 2023 is coming to town, and it's bringing with it the Largest Houseplant Market in Malaysia - City Gardening KL. This is a 9 day event that will be held at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa in KL at Mystical Titiwangsa from 4th March till 12th March 2023 from 9am till 10pm daily! Regardless if you like day shopping or night shopping boleh jer datang! 

KL Park Festival Mystical Titiwangsa

It was truly magical when i stepped into KL Park Festival. The vibrant colors and enthusiastic atmosphere is truly paradise for any plant lovers like us. Join me as I take you on a journey through these delightful havens of greenery!

Plant lovers from all over will be able to find everything they need for your garden, City Gardening KL has got us covered from potting mix, pots, gardening tools, and LOTS OF PLANTS to expand your leafy family!!  I landed myself with a well-rooted Monstera Thai Constellation MTC in medium size for only RM250 to be honest that's such a steal and it's also one of the very reasons I love shopping at City Gardening KL, they also ensure we get the best deals! I've tried shopping online but got to be careful of the areas we shop at, sometimes our pos office takes too much time the plant doesn't make it which is why I never take the risk of buying expensive plants online anymore. 

Staghorn Wall showcase

Aroid Wall Showcase

There's also the biggest indoor plant showcase in the country, with 3 awesome vertical plant wall showcase that’s perfect as a ootd spot! Check out Staghorn Wall showcase, Aroid Wall Showcase and Mindori Wall showcase during your visit here! 


Whether you're looking to go green or just want to explore some new plants, KL Park Festivel x City Gardening KL has something for everyone. With a wide selection of plants from all over Malaysia, it's a one-stop plant market you cannot miss! Aside from another opportunity to shop for plants; it's also an opportunity to go green and learn more about how we can help preserve our environment. There were many experts and friendly vendors who can answer any questions you may have about taking care of your plants or choosing the right ones for your space. Join them at this exciting event and get ready to fill your home with greenery!

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