How to get a Buku Merah at Klink Kesihatan

by - December 02, 2017

During my 2nd trimester, my Dr advise my husbs and I to get myself registered with Klinik Kesihatan, just in case I have an early delivery because the cost of NICU care in the private is very expensive and it is not easy to get a space at the public hospital after you have gone to the private for delivery so I guess its better to stay safe than sorry right? So I made myself an appointment.

Registration for first timers is only available from Monday until Thursday during morning session only. There are no registrations fees, it's free for Malaysians but waiting time is very long. For first timers, they will need our blood and urine test and we can't bring in reports from labs they only accept the reports from their own lab. 

So here is my longest time spent at Klinik Kesihatan, from 7am till 12pm, by the time I'm done the center is nearly empty. We woke up at 6am, knowing the line will be crazy when we reached 645am there were already customers waiting outside the registration.

Got my number at 7am given the instructions that I need to take a blood and urine test. I was the first patient to be here, waiting in front of bilik pengambilan darah, the clinic starts work at 8am, by the time I was called in to do my blood and urine test it was already 9am.

At 10am I was called to meet a trainee who helped me register, 1030am meet with my nurse in charge, 11am got my ultrasound scan by a doctor and by 1130am meet with my nurse in charge again. 

The funny thing with the kk in my area, they do not see their patients based on first come first serve. We are arranged into group based on the area you live at, I am not amused with this technique at all, first I do not understand it, second, my area is the last, no matter how early I'm here, I always wait, most of the time till the end #likewtfright

Despite the crazy waiting hours, I'm really happy with their service, the nurses were really nice and gentle, they really take their time to explain, same goes to the Dr who did my scan, they would greet us, do the scan show us our baby, which was a very nice gesture, knowing their heavy workflow I know they are busy and tired as well but coming back every month is a nightmare. Wish they would do something about this system because the wait is really crazy.

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