Garden Wedding at Kebun Mimpi Gita Bayu

by - December 31, 2017

The year 2017 is about to come to an end, so much has happened this year and I am really blessed with great friends and family who accompanied me throughout the year but before the year ends in a day. I would love to share the dream wedding I had at Kebun Mimpi, Gita Bayu early this June.

I always wanted a garden wedding, it was my wish and I was really glad my husband finally realized he needed to throw me one. As a young girl I always dreamed about having my garden wedding at Ciao Ristorante because it was just right outside my house unfortunately if you think about the carpark and it is so troublesome for the guest, I knew it wasn't a great venue then I surveyed Passion Road, it was alright but still it didn't have the feeling I was searching for. Guess all brides are bridezilla huh?

After searching high and low, I finally found Kebun Mimpi at Gita Bayu, the place is slightly secluded but the venue is known for a garden wedding and most importantly I love the food there, I have got to say after so many food tasting, this is one of the best I had but nothing is perfect and the process to deal with the planner was not easy, there are lots of rules and they were not flexible at all and when they wanted car plates for the guest who is attending it really got on my nerves but the food did not disappoint me on my wedding day and I had lots of compliment from my guest. You know what they say never serve bad food during a wedding because you will always be remembered for that!

The ambiance was perfect but living in a humid country like Malaysia, putting on a wedding dress outdoors ain't fun, it was incredibly hot and my makeup was melting towards the end even though I have ordered a few air conditions but still it didn't beat the heat and the mosquitos is something you will need to consider too if you're going for a garden wedding, although our planner insists that the mosquitos in Gita Bayu do not bite, well yeah don't fall for crap like that, it ain't true and even with the help of mosquito spray it didn't keep them away.

Once again before signing off, I would like to thank my family, friends and my beloved jimuis who helped out so much during the wedding. It would not have been a success if you guys weren't there xoxo

ps:// Here's my list of vendors who I would highly recommend to all bride and grooms because they were the best ever, no regrets having them.

Actual Day Photographer: Ernest Tan Photography
Actual Day Make Up Artist: Sheng Saw
Pre Wedding Photographer: Studio 71
Wedding Dress: Studio 71
Wedding Band: VIVO Music Live Band
Wedding Cake: Debbie Teoh

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