Start correcting your posture with Jonlivia Unisex Phiro Back Support

by - January 01, 2018

A bad posture will cause you to suffer from its negative effects, in the long run, we might not realize we are doing it and it is hard to correct without proper guidance. I am guilty of slouching and hunching whatever you call you it's just a really bad habit that I need to fix, this bad habit can cause damage over the years, putting stress on muscles, joints, and bones, and molding your body into a shape it shouldn’t be in.

Thanks to Jonlivia for the approach, finally there is a product which is the easiest way to start correcting my posture, the Jonlivia Unisex Phiro Back Support pulls your shoulders back, straighten your neck and head and align your spine, it is a fully adjustable belt that works gently and discreetly even under your normal clothing so there is no excuse I cannot straighten up!


Phiro Line is dedicated to correcting your posture by giving you perfect lumbar support. Use it daily to rectify your spine.

  • Signature 2 Steel Strips that corrects your posture in seconds
  • Powerful mesh fabric that comfortably holds everything together
  • Ergonomically designed cross-straps with velcro
  • Strong and durable, suitable for daily use


This support garment is great, is easy to use and begins to gently straighten you up as soon as you put it on. I use it as a reminder to keep good posture and it does help with back pain. This is a good tool to strengthen the muscles in your back but it will take a longer period of time than just a few days. Took me 2 to 3 weeks before I noticed a difference. Now it helps a lot and I use it every day


Jonlivia Unisex Phiro Back Support is available in 4 sizes - XS - L


Jonlivia Unisex Phiro Back Support is available at their online stores for RM199


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  1. men and women can wear this thing .. it's good to correct the posture of the body my hubby need this because he always do a bad posture

  2. wow..back support . kadang tu bila dah duduk lama di office terasa jugakla sakit di pinggang..menarik , boleh cuba ni

  3. I used phiro back support also before this. It's good for people especially who work and sit in front of the computer all the time.

  4. I think 1 should have one. Currently feel uncomfortable on my back bones

  5. I wore jonlivia back support twice a week. I put in the office and easy for me..some time a bit tired and feel uncomfortable..phiro back support suitable to whom working in the office using computer

  6. Need one also..lately my back selalu sakit bila duduk lama depan computer

  7. interested. boleh grab satu bagi suami..kerja duduk kerusi je dia..

  8. menarik ni. bolehlah beli satu nanti sebab kadang-kadang terasa lenguh di belakang badan kerana kerja.

  9. wow, i need this kind of product since i having back pain since my baby was born