Jonlivia Daily Diva Shapewear

by - August 22, 2019

Not all of us is blessed with the perfect body, especially after childbirth my body is showing signs of delivery but choosing the right shapewear will help us look gorgeous with body confidence that emanates from within! I know by this point some of you might think I'm vain for choosing this but let me explain my thoughts about shapewear.

Shapewear is a foundation, just like us prepping our face before putting on makeup, shapewear works the same for our body, it compress and shape our body giving us the figure we all desire before we dress up but I think it's really important to choose one that's comfortable and allows us to breathe properly, why do I say this? Well, let's just say I've tried various brand before and some feel as if you're suffocating and that's not an ideal garment you want to use daily.

Let me introduce you to Jonlivia latest shapewear it is committed to help you look your best. The beauty of Jonlivia Daily Diva shapewear is the combination of deliciously soft, luxurious fabrics with designs that offer total control without squeezing you.

Check out my Before and After pictures!

I really love how putting this on will help reduce my appearance by giving me the curves, it an instant few inches of distance between their stomachs and back giving me that extra confidence boost to wear fitting dresses.

Jonlivia Daily Diva caters for all sizes starting M to 2XL, you can choose from black and nude. It's wonderful to own one because this shapewear is able to cover my stomach and sides now I can rock any outfit, formal or informal.

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