Jonlivia Woman Slimming Shirt Shaper Review

by - July 20, 2017

Hello loves! I'm back again with another product review. This round I will be checking out Jonlivia Woman Slimming Shirt Shaper. The Jonlivia Woman Slimming Shirt Shaper is really unique, the one-piece body shaping undergarment effectively tightens and flattens that bulging tummy, turning you from flabby to slender instantly.

This is actually my first time trying on shapers and I was pretty excited with the results. 

Jonlivia is the no 1 activewear lifestyle wear in Malaysia and they carry large range activewear lifestyle wear from top to bottoms and even hot belts, the range is suitable for both men and women. previously I have tested out the Jonlivia Woman Hotpant S+ feel free to read the review HERE but today our main product will be the Jonlivia Woman Slimming Shirt Shaper. 


  • Enhance body shape
  • Slim down your belly fat
  • Self-heating, safe and convenient product 
  • Instant sexy curvy hourglass figure
  • Revolutionary lifting undergarment
  • Uniquely designed firming panels to trim & tighten that bulging stomach


The shaper's design was chic with a touch of femininity with the lace overlay, the elasticity of the shaper was really comfortable as well, even having it on for more than 1 hour was fine. Last but not least putting it on was not a hassle at all but there is a trick, which I just found out, slip it from your bottoms then pull it up, which is a more comfortable and fast way to put on the shaper.


Jonlivia Woman Slimming Shirt Shaper is available in 4 sizes - M to XXL and it comes in two colors, choose from black or nude. 


Jonlivia Woman Slimming Shirt Shaper is available at their online stores for RM200 but they are currently running a promotion so it's only RM120!


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Reviews on other Jonlivia products

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  1. I believe all girls should wear body shaper to enhance their good looks.

  2. wow, you looked so sexy and slim in the photo.
    The Jonlivia Woman Slimming Shirt Shaper is very nice.
    Wish i can get one to try it out.

  3. I want one of those slimming shirts, I love the colors and the different sizes they offer :)

  4. Interesting - I have never used a shaper before. But it would be nice to get a flat stomach!! Do you think it would be comfortable to wear for more than a 10 hour period? It might be something useful for bride to be's to check out?!

  5. Interesting - I have never used a shaper before. I think i might need to get one of these shapers lol

  6. It looks good on you, I have never worn one myself.

  7. Looks interesting, hope it's comfortable.

  8. This looks like something I need to get in shape.. getting too fat already.. huhuhu

  9. I find shapers a bit uncomfortable but they are a great idea when you want to fit into that special dress... I probably should check out some other brand.. Good info here though :)

  10. I've tried things like this and they've never been that comfortable, so I'm glad this worked out well for you! Great concept though! xx

  11. Thanks for sharing! Just in time, I would be considering shapers to squeeze myself into "that dress" for my coming events :)

  12. wa so sexy. the price is so cheap. time to get it

  13. Nice body shaper! I need one like this!

    Pammy -

  14. Wah, got steep discount. RM80 off is amazing. I want to take advantage of it!

  15. I need this, every women would love to have one of this, thank you for the post. I better go get one myself now.

  16. I am biased about shapers but i occasionally wear them. This one looks good. Nice review

  17. I have a few shpaers but I love how this one seems to look a bit like a Chami... love the detail at the top.

  18. i feel fall in love with this slimming suit shaper.. will check it out the website