The X Bangsar Review | Contemporaray Bar & Grill in Bangsar

by - July 11, 2017

The X Bangsar is a contemporary bar & grill located in Bangsar. It is just right opposite Bangsar Village 2 so I suggest that you park inside the mall because parking is never easy in Bangsar. The X Bangsar was spacious but not huge, the restaurant and bar is nicely decorated win dim lights and it comes with a touch of modern finishing, it is also separated into 3 sections, indoor, outdoor and there is a nice sofa area right behind the DJ's deck. 

The X Bangsar serves a variety of food from Western to Japanese and they even have a few of our local Malaysian dishes available! Their range of cocktail and drinks are amazing as well, definitely returning for more! 

I also noticed that their servings are pretty big, so if you're thinking to throw a party or happy hour after a long working day, this bar & grill will be perfect the perfect place to come to!


Lobster Bisque RM27
The bisque is simple yet rich with lobster flavour, it was served with charcoal bread sticks.

Citrus Smoked Duck RM24
My absolute favourite, if you love a refreshing yet appetising salad this is it. Served with fresh greens, strawberries, pear and the star - smoked duck and dress with a citrusy dressing.

Spaghetti Carbonara with 60g Sirloin RM33
Mouthwatering steak on a bed of spaghetti with the most explosive flavour for your taste buds! Great for those who can't decide between pasta or a steak!

Lamb Shoulder Chop RM40
Truly great lamb flavour, these chops were given a good seared both sides. Comes with black pepper sauce, salad and roast potatoes.

Braised Beef Ribs RM56
Tender beef ribs glazed with generous bbq sauce, the well-cooked beef ribs can be pulled easily off the bone, the ribs are served with sides of salad and roast potatoes.

Grass Fed Sirloin Steak RM60 
The perfect steak - medium cooked sirloin steak, the steak was flavourful and tender, pair it with some black pepper sauce, salad and roast potatoes. 

Spicy Uramaki RM24
If you would like something light yet and tasty try this Japanese Roll which is as good as the ones in any Japanese restaurants. A must try!

Smoked Salmon Pizza RM35
Baked thin crust pizza with a generous amount of cheese topped with salad, smoked salmon, avocado, lots and lots of roe and Japanese mayonnaise.


Nachos with Guacamole & Cheese RM24
A really addictive snack! Nachos with lots of melted cheese on top served with fresh guacamole and sour cream. It was really appetising I just couldn't stop eating it.

Chilies Cheese Fries RM20
Perfect for sharing! Nothing could go wrong with fries topped with chilli and a generous amount of melted cheese.

Salted Egg Chicken Poppers RM20
These are so good, just pop these creamy buttery chicken fillets in your mouth!


Single Malt Whisky with Lime

Juice and Tonic

Thank you The X Bangsar for the scrumptious dinner! It was a great pleasure being able to taste all that great food and drinks on your new menu! I certainly would recommend this for those who would like to have a great meal and enjoy your drinks afterwards! 

The X Bangsar
67, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday 4pm - 2am
Contact: 03-2201 1510

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  1. nom.. nom... nom... i want to go again! - racheal

  2. The preparation seems so yummy.. Got to try the smoked duck..

  3. Nice bar and grill. Love the menu selection. Look delicious!

  4. Charcoal bread sticks look very interesting...must be good for detoxification too

  5. Those charcoal bread sticks with lobster bisque look interesting! Smoked salmon pizzas are so tasty and filling too. Nice spread. Cheers!!

  6. omg! all the food looks so good! but i really want to try the Lobster Bisque!

  7. i guess this place best for gathering with besties!

  8. I'll take them all except for the beef! Bangsar is convenient for me to go from KL Sental.

  9. X Bangsar seems happening and a must visit. Will add this place to my itinerary :)
    Foods are sooo good-looking!

  10. Thanks for sharing your X Bangsar review. I will add this to my itinerary :)

  11. The place looks great! Perfect for a romantic dinner or night out with friends. Can't wait to visit this! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Brilliant food and the portion is generous. I want to try their cocktail and lamb chop nxt round.

  13. the foods look so mouthwatering! i like the ambience too.. so hungry right now! haha

  14. Their cocktail indeed is first class. Thumbs up!


  15. Eveything looks perfect here! Making me hungry too!! I would want to visit here one day =)

  16. Looks so delicious, wow must have had quite a feast there during the review session

  17. Looks delicious!! So wish i can drop by to try the food soon!

  18. Omg!看到芝士,我忍不住了!

  19. looks like not bad and the price still affordable :)

  20. Oooohhh I want to try all of these dishes! They all look so yummy. :D

  21. oh my god!! I am interested to the Lamb Shoulder Chop!!! And all the foods looks so delicious!!

  22. I am tempted to try their Spicy Uramaki and salmon pizza. The place is quite near my house actually.

  23. Bangsar seriously is food heaven! Price reasonable as well, can consider makan next time! Hehehehe