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by - July 25, 2017

Before giving birth to my daughter, Miya, I thought I was well prepared. After all, I read so many books and had so many tips and advises from friends and family, how hard could it be right? I've got the crib ready, prepared all her clothes, diapers and got my breast pump all on standby. I was confident I will be fine but things didn't always go according to plan. Looking back now, how can I have been so naive?

The challenge was I had to master skills that I can't even prepare or practice until the baby arrives. I had trouble sleeping, I had trouble soothing the crying baby and breast feeding was not easy, I think at one point I nearly lost my sanity because of sleep deprivation and the father could not help because he doesn't know how to but those were the days.

Postnatal Retreat - Blissful Parenting 

I recently came across a postnatal retreat for mothers and babies, Blissful Parenting is a new confinement center located in a lovely triple story bungalow lot in Bangsar with a swimming pool in the court yard. Their team of professional consultants are here to aid new mummies and daddies on how to learn about baby's cues, how to breastfeed successfully, how to establish a successful sleeping routine for babies, baby care basics and even basic first aid these guidance are prepared so the parents will leave the center with confidence and experience on how to take care of a baby.

Blissful Parenting is also the first confinement center that encourages room in for daddies and your older child, I find this really important especially after I had Miya, I wouldn't want to be away from her for a month, I am pretty sure she will be jealous of the newborn if that were to happen, it will be great if she gets to be involved as a big sister and learn how to get along with the new baby.

Service included during your stay

  • 3 main meal, 1 tea time and 1 supper
  • Confinement tonic soup prepared by resident TCM doctor
  • Free flow of red dates & goji berries drink and lactation milk 
  • 28 days pre-packed herbs for bath 
  • Total baby care
  • Daily clothing for baby
  • Daily baby's weight check to monitor weight progress
  • Weekly baby development check 
  • Daily recording of baby's output (soiled and wet diapers) 
  • Encouraging room in (dad & older child can stay in) 
  • 24 hours on call breast feeding consultation and support by renowned lactation consultant, Elizabeth Richard from Pantai Hospital 
  • TCM consultation upon checking in 
  • ONE session postpartum counseling 
  • ONE session of post natal massage 
  • Laundry service 
  • Housekeeping service 
  • Wifi internet access
  • Free consultation after checking out (valid for 2 weeks upon discharge)


Blissful Parenting has prepared comfortable rooms that meet your requirements, they have classic rooms, deluxe rooms and a premium family suite, all equipped with the amenities needed.


The classic room is furnished with a single bed, dad and older child are welcome to use the swimming pool, stay in will not be available. 


Deluxe room is furnished with Queen Size Bed to comfortably accommodate up to 2 adults. Dad and older child are welcome to stay in.


This will be my favorite room, King size bed with a living room area and even a playmat for tummy time has been prepared. The dad and older child are welcome to stay in. 

We also had a great chance to experience Pilates by Emma Jory, she's an internationally certified Pilates, Yoga, Pre and Post Natal Specialist with over 13 years experience. She will be conducting classes as and when is needed.

Blissful Parenting will ensure you receive top notch post natal care and strong support from their certified medical professionals and qualified nurses to help you with faster post natal recovery. Enjoy this blissful confinement knowing that both you and your baby is well taken care of.

Blissful Parenting
96, Jalan Medang Kapas, Bukit Bandaraya, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 012-215 0698

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  1. Looks so comfy and nice... Great to have confinement there for those whom r expecting..

    1. Yup I think all mummy deserves a retreat if money is not an issue :)

  2. WOW! This is really good! I'm keeping this bookmarked and shall try the place out in the future when I have kids. Would make everything so much easier and less scary. :D

    1. I had fun asking loads of question from the lactation consultant, Elizabeth Richard, she has explained so much, I wished I knew before I gave birth to my first one.

  3. If i will give birth, I would be so happy to stay here. I deserve a staycation after carrying a baby for nine months and extensive laboring, hahaha. All Moms deserves this.

    1. I think we do especially when post partum depression hits, I think with a retreat we will feel better.

  4. 看起来好像很棒,不晓得价钱会不会贵呢?

  5. 好高级的服务, 价钱是不是过万呢? 

  6. 爸爸/老公们听好了。怀胎九月 当妈妈真的不简单,这 产前辅导 和 坐月 对妈妈都超级重要的,适当的调理好身子 和 高档的服务 慰劳慰劳 老婆 ,这钱省不得啊 哈哈哈

    1. 是滴! 我觉得如果负担的起,那就好好做月,让老婆享受一下!

  7. Must be a pricey one. But just look at the premium benefits, real luxury man.

    1. All confinement centers a luxury these days, from my experience cheap ones are not worth it.

  8. Looks nice and so comfortable. Are they only open for Chinese or also other races

  9. Oh wow~~~ macam syok for family day with kids!

    1. This is confinement center 做月中心 haha not for play play der

  10. wow Looks like 4 star hotel.
    Mummy will feel comfortable and warm here.

  11. Look Nice and comfort.
    Will recommend to my friends those to be mum.

  12. This seems to have a lot better services. My SIL went one, not so good, just eat, rest then sleep... - racheal

  13. The environment of this place is so comfy and relax though. I realise nowadays a lot of confinement center provide top notch service!

  14. 可以介紹給身邊在懷孕的媽咪們了!

  15. What a wonderful service this is for new parents, especially. They won't be so clueless with guidance from experts.

  16. Confinement is so much important for both mummies and the babies, i think the mummies deserve for a month of luxury treatment like this though!