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by - July 24, 2017

Thank you Motherhood Malaysia & Nuby Malaysia for introducing me to Nuby Comfort 360 Silicone Bottle with a 360° weighted straws. I was thrilled that Miya accepted it immediately, being a picky child I did not expect that to happen and I would love to introduce this amazing feeding bottles to all mothers, especially those are currently looking for a feeding bottle for their newborn!

There are many feeding bottles out in the market and it might get a little bit confusing choosing one, I went through that process and without knowing what my daughter would like I actually wasted quite a bit because at the end of the day I bought 3 different brands. Anyway, at the moment, there are 3 types of feeding bottles in the market - plastic, silicone, and glass.

Glass feeding bottles are the best because you do not have to worry about BPA issues but it is the most expensive but safe choice. I find this bottle inconvenient, it is not kids friendly because it is harder to hold on their own and the obvious downside is they break when it's dropped.

Silicone feeding bottles come second, it is a happy medium between glass and plastic but there are not many in the market, they are BPA free, lightweight and soft, I find it a very kids and mother friendly bottle. 

Last we have the plastic feeding bottles, it is the cheapest and the most common in the market but it has the shortest lifespan, I usually change mine every 2-3 months because it tends to become softer after a long period of sterilizing and that makes me worry if there were any chemical substance breakdown even though it is stated BPA free.


1. Nuby Comfort 360 Silicone Bottle is lightweight, soft and comes with a handle which makes it easier for your child to learn how to grip! The soft silicone bottle is also squeezable, this is a great feature for breastfeeding mothers who do not want to waste their milk, it ensures your baby is able to finish everything. 

2. The feeding bottle comes with 360° weighted straws, it helps to reduce colic and reflux. The unique weighted straws also encourage upright feeding, helping reduce reflux and GERD and combat colic symptoms.

3. This is my absolute favorite! A wide neck bottle which makes it so easy to clean, I was having a hard time cleaning my old plastic feeding bottle, I hate it when you use a brush to clean the bottle and when you're pulling it out from the bottle, water splashes all over you and your sink. I am so glad I don't have to go through all that hassle anymore.

Here's my video introducing the Nuby Comfort 360 Silicone Bottle 

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  1. Thanks for this info. I dont have a kid yet so this is very informational. And it is a must to change plastic feeding bottles 2-3months. How many times.you need to change the silicone nipples?

  2. woww.. i need this bottle for my little boy because my baby always let the bottle falls down and i think this bottle can it ensures my baby is able to finish the milk

  3. looks easy to clean and safe for baby.. thanks for sharing the info..

  4. never use this brand. but will let my girl try it out

  5. This bottle looks very good and safe! I shall let my son try.

  6. Yessss, I love this bottle. Even my baby loves it

  7. Useful info for the newly mothers

  8. Ohhh I love the design of this feeding bottle!! It makes your daughter holding it easily.

  9. We owned few Nuby items and they are good. Haven't tried their feeding bottles yet but will consider when the next baby comes. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I had no idea about the differences in feeding bottles. Will alert my friends who are new parents about it.