Activity for Kids | Sanrio Hello Kitty Town & Thomas Town in Johor in Puteri Harbour Malaysia

by - January 14, 2018

Finally had time to blog about our small trip to Johor Bharu, every year we travel back to Ricky's hometown and this year I wanted to treat Miya with a surprise, knowing how much she'll love it, I bought tickets to Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park - Sanrio Hello Kitty Town & Thomas Town in Johor in Puteri Harbour Malaysia and they were running a promotion for JB IC holders so we enjoyed 50% off our tickets which was such a steal!

Miya is 2 years old now and her current favorite cartoon character is Thomas and Train, she loves the songs and as her mummy I was forced to learn how to sing along as well, so yup I know the lyrics inside out lol it's really amazing how having kids can really change us, I'm more fluent with kids songs now. Especially with the baby shark craze recently, she's been playing it inside her head, even before she sleeps, she hums and sings the song. #talkaboutaddiction

Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park is definitely a place worth visiting because it has 3 floors of fun for you and your kids, on the first floor it's Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, the second floor it's The Little Play Club and the third floor is Thomas Town. With the number of activities going on, I'm sure the kids will enjoy it so much because we spend the entire day here.

Sanrio Hello Kity land is a pink themed playland, it's the 2nd Hello Kitty Park in Asia and I'm so glad its in Malaysia because I'm a huge fan of this cat! The Hello Kitty and friends performance is something you wouldn't want to miss, so it's best to check the entertainment schedule and plan before visiting so you'll get the most out of it.

Hello Kitty Tea Cup Rides and Friendship Land with its playground were Miya's favorite and it's more suitable for her age group, personally I felt that older kids will enjoy this because at Wishful Studio they could learn how to make their own bracelet, play dress up and even baked but we skipped these activities because Miya was just too young to enjoy it.

We took a stroll and enjoyed the Hello Kitty house complete with living room, bedroom, bathroom, and a kitchen filled with Hello Kitty decorations you can think off.

Hello Kitty in Oz is a hi-tech interactive themed experience, we receive a smart electronic device in the shape of a Hello Kitty figurine at the start of each game. The device will have to be used to kickstart each activity.

Bertie The Bus

Harold’s Helitours Ride

Windmill Ride

Thomas Town was Miya's favorite, she enjoyed the most out of it because of the number of rides, it was a heaven for her since I am pregnant there were many restrictions for me hence papa did the job and accompanied her on most of it, the only one she wasn't allowed was the Colin Crane Drop Ride at the end of the day, we stopped by The Little Play Club on the second floor and watch the Thomas Show before heading off, there were many more from the other characters such as Barney & Friends, Bob the Builder, Angelina Ballerina, and Pingu so be sure to check the entertainment schedule and plan your time to enjoy the most out of it. 

Hello Kitty Town & Thomas Town
Persiaran Puteri Selatan, Puteri Harbour, 79000 Nusajaya, Johor
Opening Hours: 10am - 6pm

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