What is it like to deal with a 2 year old

by - January 16, 2018

Miya is becoming a sister soon, she's turning 3 in June but it seems like there is no sign of her terrible two going away, and recently it has worsened. Sometimes it makes me wonder if I am doing it correctly as a mum. She is really testing my patience, it is not easy to deal with a child that throws a tantrum over nothing.

Anyway here are some highlights of her terrible two, so mummies who would like a little peek at what it will be like and hopefully some experience mummies who can advise me how to tame this little girl.

I am not sure if I'm like that when I was a child but geez these days kids grow up too fast, one minute they are breastfeeding, next they are walking and now they just choose whatever they want and if she doesn't, she throws up a show. Miya has this weird thing, she insists on choosing what she would like to put on and she has set the outfits on her own, for example, the birdy tee goes with her pink pants and when she can't find either of them. She'll be screaming her lungs out. She also hates her pants that are not long enough, I kept explaining to her that she is taller now but it doesn't seem to register and in the end, she ends up breaking down. 

I have no idea what stuck my little girl, she's been quite independent all this while, and putting on a pair of pants has never been a big problem for me but now whenever she gets her hand on a pair of pants, she'll be shouting, crying, tossing for no reason at all. It will take me at least 15-20 minutes to calm her down, my neighbors must be thinking I've been abusing her but that's not it! She's just putting up a show and when her dad is around it's even worse. The only way to stop this is to let her calm down and then talk some sense into her, I try my best, it is not easy but eventually, she just hugs me and let me put on the pair of pants for her. Anyway, this is only one of her tantrums.

When your baby gets to around 6 months you can’t help but get this feeling of ‘I can’t wait till you can talk’. Yup mummy, you just got what you wish for! Miya is pretty good at talking and recently her favorite word is NO which drives me nuts. Alongside that, you also get the repetitive questions of why and she literally calls me just so I answer and she just gives you a smirk and within the next minute and she repeats.

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