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by - January 25, 2018

March Alzea Kitchen is a homey coffee shop that will soak right into your heart, the cafe is located in OUG and it is a perfect place to visit with your family and friends. The interior is beautifully designed by the owners, I really love how it had good amount of natural daylight with a beautiful touch of greens. The seating areas are separated into 3 parts, a private room, a cement bar top and the 4 pax seating area.

At March Alzea Kitchen beside the their main courses, they also have good coffee for you to pair with. They serve up tasty home-cooked food, everything in the house is homemade including all salads, sauces and their desserts. Generally, the range was pretty good, tried some of their recommended menus such as the ones below.

Hot Rose Milk RM6.80

Rose Cofee  RM13.80

Jasmine Cofee  RM13.80

Roasted Chicken Salad RM16.80
A perfect option if you fancy something light, fresh and healthy at the same time. The green lettuce and red cabbage were perfectly crunchy giving in extra texture to the whole dish, drizzled with honey sesame sauce and served with roasted chicken.

Aglio-Olio Spaghetti with Mixed Mushroom RM14.80
Al-dente spaghettini in aromatic garlic oil with juicy mushroom and chili flakes. It was simply wonderful, light and smooth with an addicting savory taste from the mushrooms.

Sambal Petai Egg Rice RM13.80
Out of many specialty dishes, their egg rice bowls is simply a must-have. The Sambal Petai Egg Rice is topped with sambal petai and prawns, pork floss, fresh cucumber and a runny half-boiled egg. Pop the runny eggs and mix everything together, this was such a delightful treat for those who loves petai and spicy food.

Roasted Chicken with Honey Lemon Brown Sauce - RM19.80
As appetizing as it looks, this roasted chicken is delicious, it was so beautifully cooked, glazed and covered with glossy juice layer, the meat was tender without being too dry and the honey lemon brown sauce was a good pairing to the chicken.

Salmon with Tomato Salsa RM32.80
Major love for their Salmon with Tomato Salsa, the salmon was beautifully cooked it is still moist and the tomato salsa balance out the taste. Overall, it was perfect, if you have kids this dish is great for them.

Creme Brulee RM11.80
Another must have! This homemade creme brulee was made with kampung eggs, they were the sweet closure to my lunch, first off I love that it is not overly sweet and the custard was done perfectly and I love how I could still smell and taste the fragrance of the eggs in every bite.

Overall, March Alzea Kitchen is the place to go to if you love a quiet, comfy ambiance, the cafe serves decent food with friendly service, I like how the staff here is polite and attentive. Breakfast will also be made available starting March so stay tuned their Facebook Page for more information.

March Azalea Kitchen
40, Jalan Awan Hijau, Taman Overseas Union, 58200 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03-7972 7330
Opening Hours: 12pm - 11pm opens everyday except Tuesday

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