My Babywearing Journey with EU SPC Soft Structured Carrier

by - August 21, 2018

After months of procrastinating on how difficult it is juggling between a fussy toddler and a baby, I finally found a solution to it - Babywearing! To my surprise, I love it so much, it has become an essential item in my life, now I can't leave home without it.

As a beginner, I needed something really easy which is why I choose a Soft Structured Carrier and after weeks of using it, I can't wait to share the experience I had! The carrier I got is from the EU SPC Soft Structured Carrier from UnisonCA the carrier is made by Lucky Industry Co Ltd, one of the oldest & most trusted baby carrier manufacturer in Japan, with 100% cotton and certified by the SG (Japan Consumer Product Safety Association) which is the most stringent in the world.

Babywearing gives me the ultimate freedom I need, not only does it keep my baby close to me, I now have both my hands free which means I can get things done and keep up with my active toddler.
I've been doing my grocery shopping with my kids, exercising while babywearing (trust me it's fun and my little one giggles when I do it), get my housework done and most importantly I do not need my bulky stroller anymore. Another fact I like is I know exactly where my child is, without having to worry all the time, sorry I am one of those paranoid mums who think someone will kidnap my child but with the security these days who isn't worried right?

Why do I love the EU SPC Soft Structured Carrier?

#1 Great support
My baby loves to be held all the time, the EU SPC provided fantastic support for long-term wearing for both mummy and child. The thick shoulder pads and wide belted waistband helps distribute the baby's weight across my shoulder and upper back. A head support with three stages of adjustment is also included to gently supports the baby's head when they are sleeping and additional safety belt within the carrier to strap your baby in place especially when you piggyback your baby.

#2  Easy to use
Babywearing may seem difficult but once you get familiar with it, you'll have it on in seconds. Adjust the waist belt and buckle up then position your baby in the safety belt and strap your upper back. Just 3 steps and you're ready to go!

#3 Mesh system
Babywearing can be uncomfortable after a while because we will start to sweat thank god for the mesh system, it creates an airway between us and our baby and releases the heat created which is superb for the hot and humid weather in Malaysia.

#4 Thoughtfully designed
Little details like a small pouch can be attached to our waistband for your essential items such as a water bottle or handkerchiefs, a rain cape is also included to keep our baby from rain and wind, I find it really useful since the weather in Malaysia can be unpredictable sometimes.

Overall the EU SPC Soft Structured Carrier is reliable, easy to use, affordable and of course beautiful at the same time. It is recommended for children from birth to toddlers with 2 carry position, face to face or piggyback.

EU SPC Soft Structured Carrier retail at RM599 but there's a promo going on now so it's only RM399 which is a steal! It can be purchased at they also carry a variety of baby carriers such as ring sling, wraps and SSC so do check out their website for more.

Interested to get one? Then order yours from Unison CA today! 

Just quote JIASHINLEE upon checkout to enjoy 5% off your EU SPC Soft Structured Carrier! This code is valid until 31st December 2018 😊

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