Affordable French Restaurant Chez Gaston at Bangsar Utama

by - December 19, 2018

Chez Gaston is a charming French Restaurant run by talented Chef Florian who put his heart out to prepare the most authentic French dishes alongside desserts for those who pay him visit. Be prepared for a rewarding hearty meal at a surprisingly affordable price. 

Located in Bangsar, Chez Gaston has this really relaxed and personal atmosphere to it which makes it a great place to enjoy a delicious long lunch or dinner without being interrupted or the pressure to finish off quickly and leave.  

Here's what we had for dinner  

Moules Farcies RM20

Started our meal with freshly baked black mussels, flavored with butter, parsley, and garlic French pesto, they were the perfect appetizers.

Terrine de saumon RM22

Deliciously light, the salmon terrine is seasoned just right, it was great when I paired it with the freshly baked bread that was served earlier on.

Salade de fromage à raclette RM22

If you love cheese, this will be a great choice for you, the salad consists of garlic sauteed potatoes, pork bacon bits, parma ham and topped with a baguette with raclette cheese.

Rouget en papillote à la crème de ciboulette RM36

Wrapped up papillote style, the red mullet was baked with creamy chives sauce which had a hint of lemon juice and white wine, the texture and flavor of the fish were spot on.

Cuisse de poulet grillée fromagère RM36

Now MY FAVORITE! Look at that generous piece of goat cheese on top of the chicken, it wasn't your ordinary chicken chop, the combination of slow-cooked capsicum, goat cheese, and grilled chicken chop was just amazing! This dish was bursting with flavors, the chicken was still so juicy, a must try when you're here!

Confit de canard RM45

A traditional French dish and Chef Florian aced it! The duck was cured with sea salt then cooked slowly in its own fat resulting the duck meat to be really tender that it just falls off and yet the outside of the duck was crispy and crunchy. For someone who does not fancy duck, my husband finished the entire dish and kept complimenting how good it is. 

Side dishes that came along with the mains were also really good especially the potatoes, it was so delicious, I had no shame when I ask them to take away whatever potatoes that were left on my dish because they are just too good to go to the bin.

I wasn't gonna leave the restaurant without a sweet closure, here is the heavenly Floating island RM11 made from soft light meringue soaking in egg and vanilla custard and my all time favorite Crème brûlée RM12 which came with an evenly topped caramelized sugar top. 

Overall, it was a good dinner at Chez Gaston, the food was really delicious and affordably priced I have no complaints to that, my husband and I really enjoyed our time there and we can't wait to come back again with family and friends. They also have a dedicated kids menu set up for your little ones so this is definitely a family-friendly spot. 

With Christmas around the corner, Chef Florian has whipped up a special 6-course Christmas set priced at RM185 per pax and it's only available on 24th December 2018, book your spot to avoid any disappointment. 

Chez Gaston - French Bistro
12, Jalan Bangsar Utama 9, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan.
Contact: 01139930036
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday
Lunch 12pm - 230pm
Dinner 6pm - 10pm

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