Make meal time less messy with your kids

by - December 24, 2018

Hi mummies! How many of you struggle preparing a meal for your kids?  

Putting food on the table and cleaning up is not easy with a toddler and a baby. To be honest, it's quite overwhelming whenever I think of it, most of the time meal time is a disaster but I am so glad I found a few tips and tricks to make mealtime fun again and less messy with the help of a few items from OXO Tot. 

Preparing for the baby Mina is pretty easy with this OXO Tot Baby Food Mill, this is really easy to use, simply place the steam food into the mill and you can easily blend the food.

 I really appreciate the nonslip bottom and grip that makes it easier to use and since it does not require electricity, it is a must-have whenever I travel with my baby.

I also got Mina the OXO Tot Feeding Spoon as her first spoon, this innovative feeding spoon is a perfect tool to feed your babies, it's shaped for easy scooping and the shallow head prevents feeding too much at once and it doesn't hurt her gums because of the silicon that covers it. 

Baby Mina can be pretty choosy sometimes so I noticed she likes fruits + veggies that are naturally sweet, don't worry if your baby doesn't eat much to start, it's all about taste at the beginning and remember to introduce one item to make sure it does not trigger an allergic reaction. 

Being a young preschooler, Miya is still fine turning her sense of hand-eye coordination, she is pretty good at eating on her own now, I make sure she sits on her baby chair and eat before she gets distracted with the TV or any other activities.

Getting her the OXO Tot Roll Up Bib really helps minimize my job to clean up after her, the bib catches all those food that didn't make it into your kid's mouth and keep the food off the floor,  it's washable after mealtime and easy to packed, I carry this everywhere with me and use it whenever they eat, it's a lifesaver to a messy dining experience.

Besides that, I got her the OXO Tot Training Plate for her to self self-feed, the training plate has a non-slip base to keep it still and avoid accidents and it comes with a removable ring to help contain the mess. Once Miya is ready, I can also remove the ring and use it as a plate.

OXO Tots never ceased to amaze me with their products, it just shows that with the right gear, preparing for your tods and babies meal time is easier, having these products in hand really helps me reduce the mess I have to clean up after it. 

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