Kiper Lower Back Brace + Kiper Shoulder Corrector

by - February 11, 2019

If you suffer from lower back pain after giving birth, you’re not alone. Postpartum back pain is really common and it is usually because of all the physical changes that our body undergoes during pregnancy as well as the tremendous physical stress we had during delivery. In addition, I think breastfeeding both my babies has also affected my back too because of the poor posture and now lifting both my girls' dozens of time a day really adds to the strain.

Unsatisfied with my current condition, I decided to change things, enrolling myself for yoga classes has help to strengthen my core and the stretching really helps loosen the tension but I needed something more than that to help improve my back aches as much as I can which is why I was super happy when offered a homecare product which I can use daily.

Kiper Lower Back Brace is an affordable & effective posture correcting homecare product and it's been tried & tested by the well known Malaysia leading bone-setting specialist Master Chris Leong. It is simple and easy to use and you only need 15 minutes a day to build a stronger, healthier back and spine. Additional to that, adding the Kiper Shoulder Corrector will help align the shoulder back to its proper posture.

If you know me well, I like my things neat and tidy after using the Kiper Lower Back Brace just zip it up into a small little pouch for storage, since it's so portable you can just bring it anywhere you go. It uses comfortable and breathable material that supports well, the padded slip-resistant knee pads are also added for even more support and a high tensile seat belt webbing.

Kiper Lower Back Brace is really comfortable and easy to use, it hugs me tight as if it was tailor-made just for my body, what I like most is the holder that holds a hot or cold pack. It can be used for pain management to alleviate your pain and accelerate muscle healing. Imagine carrying a 30kg kid and walking for a distance, it might be from the mall to the carpark or from your car porch, up the stairs to the bedroom, yeah I think you got the picture, all these activities really strain the back and I am so glad I can just microwave the Kiper gel packet to give me warm soothing feel for my back.

Heat treatment - Facilitate muscle relaxation, soothing body stiffness, relieving soreness, spasm, and pain.

Cold treatment - Promote muscle recovery after workouts as well as subsiding pain, swelling, and inflammation after fresh injury.

Many of us spend hours every day sitting, and slouching over a desk can put extra pressure on the spine while contributing to chronic pain and weakening chest muscles. Kiper Shoulder Corrector is a great product for me because I have a condition where I exaggerated forward rounding of the upper back aka hunched back, I've had this condition ever since I was in secondary because of my self-esteem issues and I've been trying to fix it for years now and I am slowly seeing improvement with the help of Kiper Shoulder Corrector and yoga.

I have tried shoulder corrector from other brands in the past but they are usually very heavy which is why I kinda give up after a few days but Kiper Shoulder Corrector is surprisingly lightweight and easy to put on, we are advised to use it at least 30 minutes a day but I use it more than that and having this on when I carry my girls really helps as well.

If you're interested with these products check it out at I'll suggest you to purchase the both of them fom the Kiper Premium Support package that cost only RM149 instead of RM199

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