Start Your Day With BiO-LiFE Mega C Plus

by - February 18, 2019

Vitamin C has many benefits more than just fighting the common cold. It is a powerful antioxidant that contributes to a healthy immune and nervous system whilst also supporting our energy metabolism thus reducing tiredness and fatigue.

There’s no doubt that Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant but our body can only absorb so much at any given time because Vitamin C is water soluble and our body can't produce or store it, the only way is to consume it, either in foods that naturally contain it or with supplements and since this vitamin has loads of benefits for our body I take it every day without fail.

Here are some of the many benefits of what vitamin C can do for the body

• Aids in growth and repair of tissues
• Combats free radicals in the body
• Boosts immunity
• Reduces stress
• Boost energy
• Helps repair wounds
• Improve skin texture

Due to my busy on-the-go lifestyle, I have trouble finding time to get all the nutrients I need which is why I've been falling sick quite often lately but I'm so happy with the help of BiO-LiFE Mega C Plus Bioflavonoid, I remember when I started to feel the chill, I popped a sachet to help boost my immune system and I felt better the next day.

BiO-LiFE Mega C Plus Bioflavonoid comes in a convenient sachet that can be easily popped into our handbag making it super easy for us to consume it any time of the day especially when you are on the go or even when you're traveling.

What makes this supplement better than others is it contains Bioflavonoids, Bioflavonoids helps to increase the absorption of vitamin C in our body and that's not it, BiO-LiFE Mega C Plus Bioflavonoid comes in ascorbate form so it's even suitable for those with gastric problems because this vitamin C will not irritate your stomach.

You can find Biolife Mega C Plus Bioflavonoid in major pharmacy stores in Malaysia including Caring, Watson and Guardian with retail price of RM55. For more info please visit

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