Boon4 First On-The-Way Delivery in Malaysia

by - April 01, 2019

Boon4 was founded in 2017, they are the first on-the-way delivery network in Malaysia that helps deliver goods around, it connects people with stuff to send with drivers already heading in that direction, this is a great way for consumer, small business owner or corporate our on-demand solution, allowing them to reduce costs and increase their delivery flexibility.

Senders are able to book deliveries by using Boon4 by downloading their app on Andriod devices and IOS devices, which means they can use Boon4 services anytime, anywhere of the day and the best of all is they work 24/7 a week, if you're looking to send out items on weekends it's also do-able.

Boon4 has a fleet of over 15,000 registered drivers ranging from regular 4 seater car, SUV, vans, and trucks, you're able to send items as small as documents to flower bouquets, hampers, furniture, and even machines. Just choose the vehicle type that best suits your items. If you are unsure which vehicle size would be suitable for you, please contact their helpline at +6016 969 2666 

After downloading the BOON4 App and filling up the location, you can get an estimation on how much the e-delivery would cost. You can choose either scheduled e-delivery or if it's an ad hoc e-delivery they have an express e-delivery that can send your items right away! Plus what I love most is you don't have to pay extra for packaging cost.

Once your task is created, a pickup code and delivery code will be automatically generated. This allows you to track the status of delivery, just let Boon4Drivers handle the rest and enjoy your peace of mind.

As for those who would like to pick up a part-time job to earn extra income come join the Boon4Drivers, it is an easy, flexible way to make money driving, you're already heading to the same place why not drop something off and earn some extra money right?

To get started, download the Boon4Driver app and sign up, the process involves an online application, background validation, and an online tutorial, the entire application takes only a few minutes and you can be on the road by the next day. 

Boon4 is great logistic solution partner that makes delivery simple, reliable and affordable. Currently, it's available in West Malaysia and Kuching, East Malaysia. Simply download the app on Android: or iOS: and try it out for yourself.

Read to start your e delivery? Key in this code 'BOON4SHINLEE' and receive 10% off during your first delivery :)

For more information about Boon4 visit their social media page

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