Welcome to My Modern Parenthood by KAO Malaysia

by - April 10, 2019

KAO Malaysia officially announced the launch of this year’s anticipated “Welcome to My Modern Parenthood” campaign at 1 Utama Shopping Centre. This year KAO Malaysia doubled its efforts by targeting millennial parents aged 25 to 35 years old. The campaign was first initiated in 2016 to emphasize the importance of family quality time by providing busy parents fun, yet quick and easy solutions to making their daily routine more manageable. 

“As solution providers, KAO Malaysia is always dedicated in enriching the lives of people. Using our previous campaigns as a reference, we’ve set a new milestone by taking a more digital and innovative approach which suits the current, fast-paced lifestyle of millennial parents” said Fujiwara Masaki, President of KAO Malaysia.

“Technology plays a huge role in their everyday lives and millennials are constantly connected and on-the-go. We’ve decided to take on the challenge by reworking some of our previous initiatives to be made easily accessible at any time within their reach” he added.

 “The Secret to My Modern Parenthood is a guidebook for parents. Co-created with KAO Japan Lifestyle Research Centre and Positive Parenting, the Official Parenting Educational Arm of the Malaysian Paediatric Association, the guidebook provides easy to follow suggestions and tricks for manageable baby care and hassle-free housework solutions. 39,000 guidebooks have been distributed to NGOs, hospitals to various childcare partners.

This initiative led to the induction of the guidebook into The Malaysia Book of Records for “Most Number of Parenting Guidebook Distribution”, as well as its accolade, “Japan Home Care Expert”.

This year KAO Malaysia has revamped the campaign microsite, including a free to download digital version of The Secret to My Modern Parenthood, here is the link https://bit.ly/2KjWjpi

Here are the amazing products that parent should check it out! 


MERRIES diapers are one of the best in the market, I've used it for both of my girls, it keeps them happy and comfortable. The diapers have an ultra soft and fluffy surface and with its 3 layers air-through system along with its soft-in air cushion is gentle on the skin, reducing skin irritation.  Unwanted leakages can be avoided as MERRIES diapers also helps prevent leakages with its 3D side gathers and back gathers. With MERRIES diapers, both millennial parents and their babies can live their moments comfortably while creating more smiles and happiness to share along the way.

#2 MAGICLEAN, Japan’s No.1* Home Care Range

MAGICLEAN is the modern way of home cleaning that allows millennial parents who are constantly on-the-go to have their household chores be done in a flash. Whether it's cleaning your kitchen surface, dusty appliances, stubborn stains or more, MAGICLEAN is here to ensure you a clean and hygienic home, safe for the whole family.

The product range consists of MAGICLEAN wiper mop and sheets that provides quick and easy cleaning with just one wipe, MAGICLEAN’s anti-bacterial kitchen cleaning solutions that help removes greasy stains in 30 seconds and MAGICLEAN floor cleaner that removes stains 4x more effectively and is quick drying, giving comfort to the feet.
* No.1 by brand in Japan home care market (kitchen cleaner, bath cleaner, toilet cleaner) in terms of Sales Value based on SRI data of INTAGE Inc. , January 2017 to December 2018

#3 ATTACK, Japan’s No.1* Laundry Detergent Brand

Stains and odor are often the two most common problems faced when doing laundry. The newly formulated ATTACK Laundry Detergent provides a superb & hygienic cleaning performance with an advanced anti-bacterial formula for sweat and odor prevention and it doubles the job by both cleaning and softening clothes with an easy-to-iron effect.

For busy on the go millennial parents,  ATTACK Liquid Detergent & ATTACK Power Detergent variants are also suitable for overnight and indoor drying, making one less worry out of their way plus it also has a refreshing fragrance which keeps clothes staying fresh all day long.
*No.1 by brand in Japan Laundry Detergent market in terms of Sales Value based on SRI data of INTAGE Inc. (January 2015 to December 2018)

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