OXGEN The Healthier Way to Quench Your Thirst

by - April 11, 2019

Did you know our human body has around 1000 billion cells, all of these cells need oxygen to carry out their function correctly? Recently, I had a chance visit to Avani Oxygen Water Factory and learned more about the importance of oxygen and the benefits that can be harnessed by the body like helping you boost your energy level eliminates toxins and poisons from the body and even strengthen your immune system!

OXGEN is the first oxygenated water in Malaysia that has 5 times more oxygen than tap water and it is proudly produced by Avani Oxygen Water Factory, this beverage is Halal compliant and certified by the Asia and Middle East Bottled Water Association (ABWA) and the Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Point (HACCP). The company applies a proprietary oxygen enrichment technology originated from Canada which encompasses a HACCP – certified 7-step purification process to clean, polish and purify water before dissolving high concentrations of invigorating oxygen.

What makes OXGEN water special and how does it taste like?

The technology behind OXGEN water allows a high and stable level of oxygen to be stabilized in each bottle of water, the presence of oxygen is quickly absorbed and benefits the cells in your body, it
 revitalizes blood in a cleansing process which removes toxins and other unwanted substance for the body and when oxygen is ingested through the stomach it provides high levels of blood cell absorbance to help enhance your overall wellbeing.

What are the 7 step purification process of OXGEN Water?

Avani Oxygen Water Corporation has a strong commitment to uncompromised quality and consistency.

The process involves Sediment Filtration +UV, Multi-media Filtration, KDF Filtration, Carbon Filtration, Ultra Violet, Reverse Osmosis and Ozonation.

What are the benefits of oxygen to the body?

Oxygen is an essential element of life on earth. It is also one of the most abundant elements found on earth constituting about 20% of the world’s atmosphere, and our bodies comprise 65% of it. While you could survive a couple of weeks without water, you can only last a few minutes after being deprived.

Here are the benefits of oxygen for the human body
• Helps to neutralize and eliminate toxins from the body
• Promotes growth of beneficial aerobic bacteria
• Fortifies the immune system
• Reduces pulse rates
• Neutralizes free radicals
• Helps relieve headaches
• Increases stamina and endurance
• Reduces tiredness
• An Effective anti-oxidant

Where to purchase OXGEN Water?

OXGEN water comes in 1 size - 355ml, it's priced at RM4 per bottle, you can try it out for yourself bottles are available for purchase at selected pharmacies and their eshop https://www.oxgenwater.com/shop/

Avani Oxygen Water Corporation Sdn Bhd
No.36, Jalan Tago 9, Taman Perindustrian Tago, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Email: info@oxgenwater.com
Website : www.oxgenwater.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/oxgenwater

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  1. I've never heard of Oxygen Water before but that's so interesting and amazing that it rids your body of toxins. I'm definitely going to look more into it now.

    xoxo Olivia

  2. wow..mata i terpukau tengok kelembutan your bone doing that kind of yoga ke apa haha..i tak boleh buat..if i minum oxygen ni boleh tak tulang i lembut macam u..hihi btw if i ada nampak oxygen ini ada mana2..i wanna try oso..boleh buang toksin sekali ye

  3. This my first time heard about oxygen Water. Must try it, but it only available at selected pharmacies. I hope i can found it at 7E or Watsons or any supermarket.

  4. My first time knowing about this brand and I like that it helps the cell. Will it give it a try, at this age, I need all the help to stay healthy

  5. 1st time I heard about this! thank your for sharing. i should give a try soon. maybe can invest on this rather than brand Ev....?

  6. I really dont understand oxygen water cos I remember I learn water = H2O hahaha. Anyway looks like the water got so many benefit to keep u healthy.

  7. so interesting about oxygen Water , its good for us to drink this oxygen water to body stay healthy and freshness

  8. Oh new brand isn't? I haven't heard of it before. Sadly I do not like drinking water cause my tongue love mineral water only. Haha

  9. wahh bertuah dapat pergi ke kilang Avani Oxygen Water. Boleh tengok prosedur n proses penghasilan produk. Bahan jugak sangat bagus untuk tubuh badan manusia.

  10. Pertama kali dengar tentang air Oxgen. Banyak manfaat yang dapat dalam satu botol ya. Bolehlah cuba nanti


  11. Pertama kali dengar jenama ni. Memandangkan faktor usia kita dah 4 series ni, kita rasa teruja nak try gak. Mungkin banyak kebaikkan dan manfaat yang kita akan dapat darinya

  12. Oxygen water? First time i tahu pasal brand .Macam nak try air ni sebab kebaikan yanh kita dapat after consume it. Nak carilah kat farmasi yang terpilih Of takde beli online sajalah

  13. Oxgen water memang bagus diminum pada mereka yang selalu mengalami masalah letih-letih untuk caj energy.. dulu sy pernah minum jenama lain, nanti nak cuba brand ni pula.

  14. Wow ! I love the packaging. Very cute and small. Suits with my small bag. I also wonder how it tastes like. Are they different with the normal water or not. I must get one for myself today then. Drink healthy and be healthy.

  15. Wow, so many steps to make the Oxygen water. I didn’t know it has so many benefit. I thought it same with regular mineral water.

  16. Wow i'm so impressed looking at the first photo. i can never stretch my body to this level heheh. So flexible.

  17. I suka minuman macam ni. Dapat kekalkan kesihatan tubuh badan. Bagus untuk jangka masa panjang juga

  18. First time dengar produk. Tapi i memang penggemar plain water. This is something new for me and im gonna try for it. Thank babe for sharing

  19. 1st time i herad about oxygen water.. bagus nya sbb bantu lebih kepada sel badan yang memerlukan. Bila usia makin meningkat, makanan dan minuman kena dijaga

  20. Cantiknya packaging oxygen nie.. First dgr Brand nie.. Memang bagus amalkan minum banyak air mineral bg keperluan badan..

  21. Wow! This is such a great way to hydrate our body and its loads with minerals as well.

  22. I have never know and heard about this oxygen drink . It is good if we drink it daily. As we know, oxygen have good advantage for our body and health. It can help to cure many things. Thanks for sharing, tips and benefit of drinking oxygen water. Nice one! I will find it later

  23. Wowww u can do yoga. Bestnya. Teach meee. Hahaha. Oxygen water ni tak sangka ada. Nanti nak cari dan cuba. Harap-Harap senang cari. Hahaha. Minum hari-hari. Cantik macam mommy.