18g Private Kitchen & Wine in Taman Desa

by - October 20, 2017

As a foodie, it is my constant quest to find a good restaurant, a friend, Ivy recently recommended us to try 18g Private Kitchen & Wine, a newly-opened wine & dine restaurant in Taman Desa serving a fusion of Chinese and western food. The setting of 18g Private Kitchen & Wine is modern and chic, with a long communal dining table and a few dining table. The place is not big if you're planning to celebrate a special occasion here, best make a reservation to avoid disappointment.

Salad of the day RM18
A great way to start your dinner, fresh garden vegetables with chef special vinaigrette sauce. The vinegar adds great flavor and makes the dish more appetizing, just the way I like it.

Mama's Meat Roll RM18
This dish transports me back to my childhood, the mama's meat roll is crispy on the outside and packed with flavors from the seasoning, it goes really well with the homemade chili sauce.

Chicken Wing RM18
Fried fermented bean curd chicken wings were perfectly cooked crispy on the outside yet still super juicy inside. I literally couldn't stop munching.

Pontian Prawns Pan Fried with Garlic RM42
This dish is my all time favorite appetizer made from fresh prawns from Pontian stir-fried with garlic, it was light and simple. The flavourful prawns went along well with the toast.

Cheese Platter RM38
A truly stylish and delicious way to take your entertaining to the next level is the cheese platter. The cheese platter is served with cheddar cheese, smoke cheese, blue cheese, brie, grapes, almonds & raisin, and crackers.

Braised Meat with Mantou RM28
Glimpse heaven with every slice of savory braised pork sandwich in fluffy chinese steamed buns. A must order because the braised pork was tender and filled with flavors.

Stewed Pork Bihun RM38
As simple as this dish may sound, fried bihun with cabbage and tender stewed pork, the flavors were amazing, I fell super in love with this, a must order when you're dining here.

Mee Siam RM20
This mee siam packs a powerful punch. A Nyonya specialty, spicy fried rice vermicelli with toppings of chicken, fried tofu, and shredded omelet, served with a piece of calamansi lime that gives the rice vermicelli a zesty taste.

Overall, I enjoyed myself very much at 18g Private Kitchen & Wine, the food was simply brilliant with reasonable prices and a cozy, stylish ambiance. I am surely coming back for more because they have daily specialties that are written on their blackboard right outside their restaurant so be sure to keep an eye out for seasonal dishes.

18g Private Kitchen & Wine
18, Jln 5/109f, Taman Danau Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening Hours: 4pm -2am
Contact: +603-7972 4818

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  1. Wine, Tapas and Salads for sure my cup of tea :0 thanks for sharing I hope someday to be able to visit those places

  2. It definitely looks good, the food! It sounds very exclusive too like fine dining. Pricing also reasonable for a venue like this

  3. Everything looks so yum. Will surely drop in sometime and check them out! That chicken wing and fried prawns look super yum!

  4. Looks good! Bit too far from the city centre for me to get there easily, but I'll give it a whirl!

  5. Love the set up and ambience. Besides, the fusion menu is a main draw for me as well. Need to research on how to reach it best via public transport.

  6. The foods looks so delicious.

  7. A perfect place to enjoy your dinner with good food and wine.

  8. I feel hungry now.
    The foods make me Mouth watering now. I like the logo design. It is looks cute.

  9. this is a lovely place to bring your love ones or date... great food and nice ambience....

  10. 18gm of what? hehehe. I think if i'm there, I would love the braised meat with mantou.

  11. I miss the mee Siam and Tung Po meat. Yum... Yumm

  12. Reading this now makes me hungry now! The food they serve is so delicious!!Braised meat with mantou is such a great pairing!!

  13. wow the food just look so amazing. would love to try it someday.

  14. I love the atmosphere of the restaurant and all the food looks so delicious haha I'm currently starving while reading through your blog