Nohoo Kids Backpack with Lifetime Warranty

by - October 13, 2017

Last weekend we went down to The Parenthood at Sunway Pyramid to join the new product launching for Nohoo Bags for kids. These ergonomic bags are made from high-quality material and it comes in a range of bold colors and designs suitable for kids starting the age of 2 years old. The bags come in different sizes to cater to different ages, with designs from ocean themed, forest themed and castle themed. Some designs even come with matching pouches as well.

About the brand

Nohoo is established in 2010 with the aim to make children happy with their bags, they are an international kids bags brand specializing in producing backpacks. Nohoo is also the first factory to use neoprene as the material of children bags. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber produced by polymerization of chloroprene which makes the bag durable, comfy, water-resistant and safe for your kids!

Why choose Nohoo Bags?

Lifetime warranty for the bag's strap, zip, and buckles
It is such a waste when we throw away bags when these small accessories fail us but Nohoo has made it their business to make sure their customer will not put such bag to waste by giving a lifetime warranty for their bag's strap, zip, and buckles.

The material used is safe and great for kids
Durability is something very important for every parent because a good bag will last for years. Nohoo uses neoprene for their bags, the material is breathable, lightweight, durable and water-resistant. Their bags are also certified non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Ergonomic of the bag
A wide, padded straps will help distribute weight and keep your kid comfortable. Nohoo is using mesh high elastic material that is designed according to children's body. It also releases heat effectively which makes it a stylish yet comfort bag for kids. The straps are easily adjustable to accommodate the height/girth of your young one. I also like the large compartments and the sturdy material used. There is also sip pockets for water tumblers as well.

Nohoo Bags are priced from RM99 to RM149 depending on the sizes and designs. They are available at Parenthood Sunway Pyramid or alternatively, you can purchase it from their website at mummies who are getting it on their website will also receive an additional RM10 off by using this discount code "JIASHINLOVESNOHOO"

Every kid wants a cute, cool animal backpacks so hurry and get your kids one of it! It is also a fantastic and unique gift for kids, whether for girls or for boys they'll be jumping up and down with excitement when they unwrap it!

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